Menu Planning

by superexhausted on August 31, 2015

Menu Planning:  This week is our last week of summer since the kids start next week.  So we just received teacher assignments and school supply list.  I never understood why they send the schedules and list out last minute.   I spend the last week of summer running around and miss every sale on school supplies.  My daughter is so excited to be entering the 5th grade.  My son well, high school he is a moody teenager fickle about everything.   I am not sure I am look forward towards this year or not  the teenage years can be hard..  I will remain positive and hopeful.


I have been busy working on my Etsy Store gearing up for the Halloween and Holiday season.  Be sure to check out My Superhero cape Store for all you Party costume needs.   The start at $17 and great for all thoes classmate parties.  Check out my Etsy Shop here

superhero cape from babypop on etsy amade inthe usa sew letters

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jord watch review and giveaway from biggirlsguide and jord wood watch

This weeks meal plan:

Monday: Leftovers from Weekend party Veggie Pasta and Chicken Soup

Tuesday: London Broil and roasted zucchini

Wednesday : Back to school picnic tomato sandwiches for a neighbors garden

Thursday: 3 cheese Italian Rigatoni Pie Recipe  (did not make it last week)

Friday : Chicken Tacos

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Meal Planning

vintage bakewear

Meal Planning This past weekend my husband and I had a free day because the kids  went to friends house. We had some free time in the morning did one of our favorite pastimes prior to kids, we went yard saleing.  I purchased some great vintage pans.  Pretty awesome Right! They inspiring my cooking for […]

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How to make a 3 headed dog


How to make a 3 headed dog Cerberus for a school project.  Step by step how to make a 3 d sculpture for a school project great for those Harry Potter book report projects or Latin class. My son had to a  7 grade Latin Project he decided to make a Greek mythological creature of […]

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SanDisk for Digital Imaging at Best Buy

San Disk at Best Buy great for all your data storeage@BestBuy @SanDisk #SanDisk #ad

SanDisk for Digital Imaging at Best Buy : With summer quickly coming to an end  we are starting to thinking back to school.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love my kids but this summer is a long one, driving to theater camos, row camp, and swim team.  My kids are not going back to school […]

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How to Make The Best Fried Rice

The Best Fried rice using left over rice

How to make the best fried rice using left over rice,  how to make crispy fried rice I make fried rice I make 6 cups which is way too much for one meal for my family.  Left over rice is a great staple for other meals in my family.   I make rice every time I […]

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Netflix Series and TV Series worth watching

Netflix Series and TV Series worth watching

Netflix Series and TV Series worth watching:I really enjoy TV. I see it as my time to be quiet and relax. When I was in labor with him.. I was induced and it was not working, after a entire day of 15min contractions. I talked the nurse into bring  me back to a regular room […]

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Finding Time for Happiness

girl reading

Finding Time for Happiness:  Everyday I am crazy busy (notice the name of my blog? )  and don’t have enough hours to accomplish all that I would like to do.   I would love a minute to read those stack of books I have sitting in the coner of my bedroom, or finish the quilt […]

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Arden Summer Camp Review

Arden summer camp review

Arden Summer Camp Review:   My daughter had the opportunity to go to Arden Theater’s Drama Summer camp.   She loved this camp,  I really can’t say enough hope much my daughter enjoyed every moment.  She beyond excited to attend the 1st day, only to return at the end of the day bubbling about how awesome, amazing, […]

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How to take pictures of runners for beginners

How to take pictures of runners for beginners

How to take pictures of runners for beginners : I was asked to photography a 5 K run this weekend.  Normally I do more posed portraits and  I love doing them.  I was not sure I could get the essence of the runners as they worked and showed there athletic ablity.   At the bottom of […]

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Meal Planning


This weeks is crazy summer busy, with my non stop super exhausting schedule during the summer. I need dinners that are easy and get my kid to the next.. swim meet, volleyball  practice, or playdate.  I really love making meals that I can make extra food and use it for the next meal simplify my […]

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