Glo Wubble and WubbleX Review Inspired my Teen be a Kid

by superexhausted on November 30, 2015

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Glo Wubble Review We receive the Wubble X and the Glo Wubble for a sponsored review the opinions in this post are my own. Prior to receiving the Wubble balls, I have tried one out at the KidzVuz Holiday event.  My daughter really likes playing with it so I could not wait  for us to try it out at home.

Wubble X Review


The 1st one we tried was the helium Wubble X.   The Wubble is the size of a kick ball.  It was easy to fill as you can see from the video.   The helium was fun it float up quickly when we used the entire can.  My daughter age 10 loved it  my son age 14 kept fetching it off the ceiling for her.  I would recommend add the patch after to fill it right away.  The Helium does leak out but it was a fun ball to play with.  You can buy refills of air for the Wubble X.  We had a lot of discussion about helium leaving the atmosphere and helium related topics.  Who new a wobble could inspire such a long discussion on science because of a toy?

Here is the video:


Glow Wubble Review




The Glow Wubble which is a 3 foot Glow in the Dark Ball was the kids favorite because of the size.  My 14 6’1″ son would not stop playing with it. The large a kid is  they are the more they play.  The Glow Wubble was easily to fill in a few minutes with the battery pump that was included in the box with the Glo Wubble (the 4 d batteries were not included).  It is very durable in my experience.   While at the KidzVuzs event in NY I saw a boy laying on it for about 10 minutes and it did not pop.   It was not over inflated either while he was laying on it.  I don’t recommend sharp object near it.

I also like the fact when Glo Wubble looses air you can reflate it with the Pump they provided.    It does pick up dog hair but when it deflates you can wash it off.   Does it Glow? Yes it does glow Blue you have to let it charge like any glow in the dark product.

Ok the picture below was taken 10:30 at night after my teen would not go to bed because he kept playing with the GloWubble.  He would checking to see if it was glowing and saying he was watching it for his sister.   I got about 3 good night hugs from him – while  he was avoiding sleep just to play with the GloWubble.  If you have a bunch of teens in the house you might want to get a few and see what happens. They could have a wubble fight instead of a pillow fight.




I think both Wubble would make a great gift for a child this holiday season.  I was more than happy to review them. I can wait to share them with our nieces and nephews.

**I received a free product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.



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