Protect the Bees with Whole Foods

by superexhausted on April 18, 2015

whole_foods_1_013_0011-15 Protect the Bees with Whole Foods  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to learn about bees and the affect on our food with Whole Foods share the buzz.   I know that you have heard that honey bees are not doing well,  that they are threaten by the environment and pesticides.   Yes they are but do you know that you can help them recover.

Easy ways to help the bees:

  • Think about when you use pesticide on your lawn.   If you have seen bees or butterflies it might because you and your neighbors are using too much pesticide.  Holding off on using these chemical
  • Plant Flowers, mikweed, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Corn that are gmo’s can affect the bees so even if you neighbors garden
  • Healthy soil= healthy food = healthy humans

Without the pollinators in our world many of the foods on our salad would not be available.  Check out this Whole Foods article

I loved learning about the how the pollinators and how they affect our food.   Plus adding the rewards of bees honey to our food is so delicious.

Cheese and honey are amazing. cheese and honey

Whole food offers local honey from bee keepers in your area.  Some people take a teaspoon local honey everyday to help with there pollen allergies.   I am loving this honey right now and my husband is taking the honey to help with his seasonal allergies.


I have to say one of my favorite things I tried was the Borsari which is $6.00 at my local whole foods.  I love this spice it has pollinators in it, a little lavender, salt, and other spices.  It is strong but a family favorite, I have been using on salads, meats, fish.   I love it on a tomato sandwich.



Whole Food is offering many brands that help protect the bees purchase these during april and donation will be made to help protect the bees.

products that protect the bees

Cascadian Farms, Almond Breeze and Almond Butter  have all pledge to helping save the bees.

I also leaned about the Rodale Institute located outside Allentown PA.  that is a farm that is dedicated to creating practical farming practices to make the grown food health and sustainable. to lean more check out the Organic Manifesto.


There is so much to learn about bees and the affect on the food we eat.

Healthy soil= healthy food = healthy humans

Disclosure: I received a gift bag for attending this event.





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