Creepy and Gross Kids

by superexhausted on October 30, 2014

gross kids So with Halloween is coming and my kids are just some time really creepy. We think of the The songs like Ring around the rose-  which is about kids putting flower in there pockets so they done smell the death.  Or Rock a Bye Baby.. the song that tells the tale of a baby falling.  Creepy.  I have asked my friends to add some of there creepy and gross kids storys.

    • Creepy Songs: This past weekend we watched Hocus Pocus 1993 Halloween classic.  You know the Song Sara Jessica Parker sing to lure her children to her death.. yea that son my daughter has been singing it non stop since we watched the movie.  We are in out bedroom sleeping in and we hear her sing the song early from her bedroom.
    • Puppy Play: Shawn likes to lick like a dog lol. He also enjoys the flavor of dog food but that’s just disgusting, shared by grossed out Mom 
    • Kiss Licker: My kid loves to stick out her tongue when she goes to kiss you  -  this sign of gross love from
    • Elbow Lickers My kids read somewhere that you can’t feel your elbow being licked, so they’re always trying to lick my elbow in public.
    • Potty Training Toddler-  As a young boy my son would assume the potion (grabbing is ankles, ass up in the air ) -  then he yelled come “Wipe”  we would walk in his bathroom and wipe.
    • Snuggle Screams:  When we were training my son to sleep in his big boy bed.. he would wake up in the middle night and scream “SNUGGLE” in the worst possible possessed voice.  Imagine be woken by that at 3 am, from Jack from the shinning.  Creepy
    • Crazy eye roll:  My daughter can make her eyes move in toward her nose, cross eyed, on purpose. It makes Jennifer’s skin crawl  from
    • Sleepwalker : My daughter was a sleep walk-  where it is scary it is also really creepy-  When she was about 6,  she would walk downstairs around 11pm mumbling something-  I would redirect her to the bathroom,  she would go then I direct her back to her bed-  she never woke up, Lisa son does math problems when he sleeps talks.
    • Night Terrors:  The worst was her Night Terror-  she would wake up and stand on her bed.. yea really creepy what when she had a night terror at a sleep over with girls from a different school.. The mom called me and told me she woke up crying .. thank god the mom was a good friend and nurse so she calmed her down.   Thank god she out grew it.
    • Boogie Bomber: My daughter refuses to use a tissue and always sneaks up on me to wipe her nose on my pant leg or shirt gross recall from  Sarah
    • The Grinder: My son grinds his teeth at night. It makes my jaw ache listening to it -via  KnittingZeal
    • Possessed Toys:  Jr takes his stuffed penguin that he’s slept with since he was three and strokes it’s head and gives me this weird look and it creeps me out. 
    • Coffin Kid:   Lisa from A Daily Pinch says her son sleeps like he’s in a coffin. Feet crossed at ankles and arms cross over chest. He doesn’t move, period. He breathes so quietly, we check to make sure he’s still breathing! One day, he’s going to scare the hell out of a future bedmate.

Happy Halloween make it a great one with your gross kids.


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