One Night without kids- Looking back 5 years later

by superexhausted on October 11, 2014

So few days from now my husband and I are going to this same event 5 years later .. one night without kids.. I want to re-share that night:

Reposted from My Old Blog : BabyPopDesigns  written July 15, 2009-

12:00 (noon)the misson get rid of children…. drive to Wilkes Barre ½ way point between me and my in laws for hand off- 2 hour trip
2:00 arrive at Wilkes Barre Meeting point Grandparents stuck in traffic…find don’t mind waiting knowing a week of RR a head
3:00pm successful hand off to grandparents no tears…. bikes are load in PopPop truck
3:01 speeding away in get away Mini Van away from Wilkes Barre toward Philly for week of freedom
4:00 Buy hair dye must hide grey hair. So I can look like a real person and not just a run down Mama
4:30 Go shopping for new clothes so I don’t have wear a kid stained shirt
5:00 grab a quick bite at Panrea Bead Company, soup no pesky 8 year old asking for taste… just a pesky 39 year husband asking for a taste.
5:30 Getting excited to go out with adults at a bar
6:00 Dye Hair, and painted finger and toe nails
6:15 wash out dye in shower walk naked to bedroom no kids no need to cover up …(freedom enjoyed)
7:00 dressed and heading to Husbands College Reunion Get together
7:19 Arrive park around the side to hide “mom mobile”
7:20 order a coke
7:21 Say hi to my sister (graduated from the same college as my husband)
7:23 order a vodka cranberry
7:45 My husbands old male friend calls him “Mark” (my husbands name is Jeff ) then tells us he was drinking since 2:00pm
7:46 He tells me how much he loves “Mark” and I am lucky to have him
7:47 Drunk Old Friend introduces “Mark” to other people there since 2:00
7:50 order a vodka tonic
8:00 go to bathroom talk to the girls in the bathroom (like I did when I was 21) we compared shoes (so happy I painted my toes)
8:19 go back to table with friend from bathroom
8:20 a slightly hammered friend from bathroom was saying …”I love you guys”..
8:21 same friend from bathroom saying “you have a great guy here” with her arms around me and my husband
8:26 dance with old friend from bathroom
8:40 same slightly hammered friend from bathroom was saying …”I love you guys”..
8:41 same friend saying “you have a great guy here” with her arms around me and my husband
8:56 Ask Husband any food to eat? he says “buffalo wings but they are cold, chicken fingers are hot”
9:00 eat cold Buffalo wings…
9:01 with regret I order water
9:10 Husband old friends returns and asks if “Mark” can stay with them all night and they will return him tomorrow
9:11 I said “it is up to Mark”
9:12 Mark declines something about no kids at home and wanting to take advantage
9:13 Me “wanting to be taken advantage off”…order more water
9:30 had a sample shoot from “three Olives Vodka” Demo girl
9:31 wondered where were the olives… it tasted like cherry.
9:40 different slightly hammered friend not from bathroom was saying …”I love you guys”..
9:41 same friend not from bathroom saying “you have a great guy here” with her arms around me and my husband
9:59 tried the other color shot
10:01 wondered still no olives… I love olives
10:25 Old song comes on older then all the guests.. everyone walks off the dance floor
10:29 80’s songs everyone is back on the floor to “Come on Ilene”
10:26 tweeted
10:40 Me Telling Old Friends “I love you Guys”
10:41 Me Telling same Olds Friends “ I miss you Guys”
11:20 danced to 50cent “It your birthday”
11:25 Want to sit next to hubby by a purse is in way
11:26 Moved a my sisters purse and wonder if she would think it was lost
11:28 Sister shows up asks where purse is …Show her I moved it 1 foot over
11:35 Just realized people where smoking in bar? Wondering if it is banded in PA
11:45 “Mark” looks at me and says he just got tired, am I ready to go
11:46 Say Good byes to all friends from bathroom; not friends from bathroom, Old Drunk Male friends and my sister/brother in law
11:48 I take my new husband Mark home with me. Mark drives he was not drinking
11:49 Mark said he had a nice time and he would like to go again next year.
11:50 Think “I love my friends and Mark”
12:10 asleep in bed with this strange guy named Mark.


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