Great Free Place for kids in Philly : Fairmont Park Waterworks

by superexhausted on September 18, 2014

Great Free Place for kids in Philly : Fairmont Park Waterworks:  I have been living in Philadelphia for the past 11 years after returning after falling in love with Philadelphia during college. There is one special place in Philly that has always been in my heart the Philadelphia Fairmount Park Water Works, it is one of the prettiest place  in the city located at the end of Kelly drive and at behind the Art Museum. Here is a little about the Museum and the Upcoming Flow Fest: free place to visit in philly with kid water works

I recently learned that there is a interactive museum that is right in the middle of the waterworks which is free to all.   The have interactive learning, teaching the responsibility to the environment,  the work with the inner city schools to teach the importance of preserving the environment. girl  learning in waterworks display

The Water works museum is run by the The Fairmount Water Works, the ideal location to learn more about the life in and around the river, was constructed in 1812 to pump water from the Schuylkill River. Almost from the day the waterwheels began turning, the graceful neoclassical buildings and beautiful grounds made the place an international tourist attraction renowned for melding nature and technology. Today, the Fairmount Water Works is the Delaware River Basin’s watershed education hub, offering visitors information about the impact of water on their daily lives and how they in turn impact their water supplies. Located off Kelly Drive in Philadelphia’s East Fairmount Park, the Fairmount Water Works features a variety of hands-on, highly interactive exhibits including a live view of the Fairmount Dam fishway and a flyover of the Schuylkill River watershed. waterworks

Tip Location: The Fairmont Park Waterworks which is the wonderful Park area located between the Art Museum and the Boat House row on the Sckull river.   The water works are the Greek Inspired Building you can see from RT 76. For more information, visit

Here is a video review of the museum:


September 21, 2014   1pm-dusk

As the Fairmount Water Works—one of Philadelphia’s first tourist attractions—approaches its 200th birthday, it debuts the FLOW Festival. FLOW (For the Love Of Water) is an outdoor showcase of interactive, family-friendly exhibits and activities offering a glimpse into the future of this historic site. On September 21, visitors can “splash up a tune” using water and technology, create rhythms with dripping ice and steel drums, and enjoy a dramatic finale with a Schuylkill-inspired dance performance and a light show illuminating the Fairmount Water Works’ impressive neoclassical architecture. These are just a few of the many exciting activities that await guests during this “makers” festival.

“Anyone who loves the environment, who appreciates history, art and science, or just wants to have fun, will find something at our FLOW Fest,” said Karen Young, Director of Fairmount Water Works. “Through the creativity of local artists, attendees will discover the Water Works’ history and exciting future and the power and mystery of the Schuylkill River.” kids learning at fairmount park waterworks

From 1 p.m. to dusk, the Fairmount Water Works’ majestic grounds will be packed with all manner of interactive, family-friendly activities, including:

  • Splash Organ – Using the famous piano scene from the movie Big as inspiration, local artist Lee Tusman designed this installation, which uses a simple piece of technology to turn buckets of water into an instrument.
  • Swim the Fishway – With only fabric and wood, local artist Kathryn Sclavi will create a replica of the passageway below the Water Works that allows fish to swim upstream to hatch their eggs. Guests will create their own fish puppet and “swim” it through the display, simulating the fish’s journey.
  • Build a Water Drop – Guests will help create a giant wave sculpture made out of hundreds of interlocking “raindrop” discs.
  • River Net – An oversized fabric installation that depicts the power and essence of the Schuylkill River.
  • Grand Finale Light Show – The festival ends in dramatic fashion with a light show, accompanied by original music and footage, reflecting the poetry and power of the river.

For more information about the FLOW Festival, visit waterwheel at water works

Disclosure: I attended a event to learn about the Waterworks, I was provided a gift bag with a water bottle. All the opinions are my own.

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