How to make a iphone neck holder

by superexhausted on March 26, 2015

ipod neck holder

How to make a iphone neck holder : So I like to work hand free while listen or talking on my cell phone.  So a few years back I made a phone case neck holder that allows me to talk or listen to my cell phone hands free.   Decided to share the pattern and how to make one with you.

How to make a Ipod neck holder

  • Strap 2″x30″ fabric A cut 1
  • Body 5″x10″ Fabric A  cut 1 and Fabric B cut 2
  • Closure 2″x 5″ Fabric B cut 1
  • 1 ” Velcro

Print out of cut parts at bottom of post

  1. Cut pieces iphone neck holder
  2. Take closure strap, fold long ways and sew as shown iphone neck holder iphone neck holder
  3. Turn and press
  4. Take strap, fold, sew and turn if you attach a ribbon to one end , sew inside tube and pull makes turning a small strap much easier, cut ribbon off once the strapped was turned. iphone neck holder iphone neck holder
  5. Press strap, set to side
  6. Take body placing wrong side together, place in closure strap at short end sandwiched between the layers. iphone neck holder
  7. Sew around the edged leaving and opening to turn the body ipod_neck_holder_1_013_0011-11
  8. Clip corners, turn body and press
  9. Add Velcro on strap and body so they match up iphone neck holder
  10. Fold and place neck strap at an angle between the body layers and sew iphone neck holder

The Neck holder is great for hands free talking on the phone ass Headphones and do dishes while you listen to your music.

ipod_neck_holder_1_013_0011-3-3 ipod neck holder ipod neck holder

ipod holder




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