How to Save at Target :16 Ways

by superexhausted on January 23, 2015

How to save at Target : 16 Target Saving tips here are some great ways to save at Target or Target Extreme coupons.  For me Target is always $100 trip because they have everything I need for my home from bed sheets to food, from school supplies to shoes.  I never know what I am going to find.  I love the fact using some simple Target saving tips I can cut my bill down 30%-50%. save at target

How to Save at Target

Target Saving shopping coupons both High Tech and Low tech

  1. Mobile App which has the mobile coupons the coupons will load to the barcode by just opening the app-Add to pass book mobie coupon app
  2. Cartwheel Target App (separate app) choose items (by adding them- add button) you can save on up to 18 items discounts with cartwheel app  Cell tip- (both target app be sure to check them out and load them to the check barcode (just check on them  before you go in store – some time the wifi or cell connect does not load right-)  There is a scan feature where you can scan the bar code in store but if  your wifi signal is weak can be sketchy cartwheel app
  3. Regular Text Messages Text “COUPON” to Target  (827438)
  4. Target Printable coupons Located on>weekly ads>scroll down >get coupons> select coupons (you have to down load the coupon printer- Catalina printer to your computer) They have target printable and manufacture printable
  5. Use the Catalina (register) coupons and save them to  save more (the Catalina coupons can be product specific or save $5 of a $50 purchase) coupons
  6. Target does not double coupons but you can” Stack” ie use an Manufactures coupon with a Target coupons (Mobile or paper), with the cartwheel app (3 discounts)
  7. Show ALL Barcode for Mobile coupons, Cartwheel coupons, Text coupons to cashier (the can be 3 separate barcodes coupons)

How to save while In Store at Target

  1. Be sure to scan all clearance items to see if an additional discount might be taken off-  Sometime the final mark down in not reflected on the sticker price scanner
  2. Look at shelves to see if you buy bulk you get more saving or free Target gift card for later shopping trips target coupon
  3. In store Text Coupons- Check out the shelves in the store when shopping sometimes they have additional discount if you send a Text- Like Get a additional $10 off a $50 purchase of bedding target text coupons

Use the Target Pharmacy and save more

  1. When getting new prescription get the Catalina register coupon for $10 target gift card for new or transfer Prescriptions – If you Doctore calls the prescription in bring the coupon when you check out.  target perscription transfer
  2. Also sign up for Target Pharmacy Rewards (free) they send you a paper coupons to save 5% for an entire day be sure to check out at home and print out any additional target paper  coupons target rewards
  3. Also you can get other product coupons in you Target Pharmacy Rewards for other items- like this free Starbucks bakery treat target_couponing_1_013_001-11

Save with Target Red Credit/Debit

  1. Target Red Credit Card saves an 5%  on all Target purchase free shipping form and an extra 30 days for returns But please pay off every month Disclosure: I found the interest rate was very High, (when I had excellent credit) rate was like 18.5 %-  So read the Rates.
  2. Target Red Debit Card  save the extra 5% , free shipping form and an extra 30 days for returns – Pulls from existing check account

Target Online Saving:

  1. You can use all of the above
  2. Register and Use Ebates > search Target >click on target link and get back up to 2.5% from Ebates in a refund check>
  3. Free Shipping over $50 and other times of the year- like holidays free shipping on everything

How to save at Target :

  • Mobile App Coupons
  • Cartwheel App Coupons
  • Paper Target Coupons
  • Manufacture Coupons
  • Target Catalina Register coupons (can be general  for entire purchase)
  • Target Pharmacy rewards 5% off entire purchase
  • Target Texting saving weekly/daily texts
  • Instore Texting (check shelf tags instore for a Text saving)
  • online Ebates

I find the mobile stuff to be easy to do with not alot of time,  the stacking coupons with manufacturing coupons does take time.  I load up my cartwheel cart and click on the while sitting in my car before entering Target. Or check them out while watching TV.

Here is a video or my latest Shopping haul at Target :

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