10 Reasons Why Halloween is the Perfect Holiday

by superexhausted on November 6, 2010



The reasons that Halloween is the perfect holiday

  1. Candy
  2. Parades all types schools, towns mall
  3. Pumpkins the best way to get family’s out searching for the perfect one…then it cost nothing to carve.
  4. Dress up  kids and adults can dream and imagine who they would like to be
  5. No holiday let down..it is the gate way to all the big holidays
  6. No clean house required you only open the  door a smidgen so who cares if the laundry is put away
  7. No major investment..meaning you don’t have to go in debt
  8. Creativity is required people who never sew, paint or have a create bone in their body will make a Halloween costume and wear it proud
  9. People who normally do not get visitors both neighbors elderly get  to open their doors for stranger and give them candy Charity
  10. Tradition and Nostalgia  we did it and we smile from remembering our time.

what did you love about Halloween?

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