January 2011

GPS the other Women

garmin on dashboard at night

This year for Christmas  ask for a GPS.  S o last night my husband and I went for a drive we used the GPS to get home. the conversation: The gps in the female voice ” Continue on route” time lapses My husband inquires ” Is  the volume off?” referring to the GPS Me” She […]

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Happiness is Dancing

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH54zvWKuBU] So my friend sent me this link of from the British version of “Got To Dance” a video of  Bridget aka “Happiness” doing Scatman.  His comment was I did know if this was sad or funny.  I actually watched it and thought amazing!   The Happiness is smiling and joyously dancing. I read the comments […]

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Snow and Chalk on Pavement

My kids foretold their hope for this winter as we are snowed in..These snowy  days I feel Like I get nothing done.  I have a hard time focusing on capes and just want to play all day which will cause problems later.  Ok so we are not “snowed in”… just to lazy to shovel and […]

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The loss of a pet is real

I got a call this week from my college room-mate G. She is single, no children.  G had to put her young dog “Kashi”  down due to heart failure.  Her baby Kashi a border collie mix was  adopted 3 years ago .  When I spoke with G,  she said I know I can ‘t image […]

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