February 2011

Washington DC Food: Tips for kids

icecream sundae,carmines tugboat sundae

The best was the desert. OMG(yes like a teenage girl it was that good it deserves a squeal) They have a desert called the Titanic

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Bug Sex Wordless Wednesday

bugs mating roach sex

See what we say in Washington DC Natural History Museum? “Are the wrestling Mommy”

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Kids Washington DC: Top Tips for a great visit with Children

little girl at us capital building

National Mall : it is not a mall it is a massive lawn that the Smithsonian museums surround- great place to take pictures or fly a kite, relax, eat pack lunch or let your kids run around. The view is amazing. Makes you know you belong to one of the greatest countries in the world US at its best.

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Vick and my struggle with forgiveness

english bull dog,old english bull dog,bull dog

How do I explain to my son how people are human and they make mistakes when this human was inhumane? Also how come people can over look his past an say he is a hero and savior for a team?

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15 ways to be a Good Husband


14. He has turned the car around to head back to the house so I can get my sun glasses no questions asked.
15. He is the most amazing man I know is makes me smile every day. I am glad to call him my best friend.

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Loss of Manners: Rude Parents = Rude Kids

waiting for an easter egg

The joy of human interaction, making someone smile or being thoughtful others is becoming lost art.

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Top 10 reasons to not be a Football Widow

I am happy to say that I am not a football widow and proud: I do not watch 10 hours of games on the weekend, because life is lead by leaving the house. I do not have countless football team football paraphernalia in my house. I prefer to choose the color scheme of my home […]

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