March 2011

Lores Chocolate Birthday Party

lores chocolate philadelphia

You can tell the Lores couple has school age children because they created a wonderful hands on chocolate party great for girls and active boys.

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Manners for kids=Rude Parents + Rude Kids Part 2

No Manners again..Loss of kids manners in Parents and kids I am back on my high horse. If you recalled I discussed manners for kids in a previous blog post Loss of manners So I was out and  I watched a 3 year old girl spill a drink at the top of a staircase.  Dad […]

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Photo Monochromatic Monday Blog Hop

Cathedral-Basilica of SS. Peter & Paul

Share your black and white photos

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Mamas Love Wordless Wednesday

mamas orangutan love

Mom is not looking I can get away with it?

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Monochromatic Monday Blog Hop


I tend to lean towards black and white I love the classic look of black and white. But I am torn between the photos pictures

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First Train Ride Wordless Wednesday

1st train ride
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Potty Training Age: The Dawn of No Diapers

potty training age,potty training girls

We took away the diapers and he had one accident. Jealous much.. (don’t be,he did not sleep for 2 years- so his potty training was God way of saying

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Rasing an entrepreneur: How I know I am

kids sale sign

When I was 10 years old, I was selling Jam shorts to all my brothers friends and selling tee shirts to the surfer kids.

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Bra Fitting 101:What to expect while lifting the Boobs


There is no hooking of the eyelets in front and twisting the bra to the back like you do at home. (so be prepared she will latch it for you.) Then you both look in the mirror to see how the bra fits. She might also recommend a different cup size and changing manufactures.

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