April 2011

Stuffed and Buried : Word Wendnesday

buried in stuffed animals

My son comes down stairs. He Says “Mom,  come and bring your camera I have you next blog post.” then he wanted to try… After I did the post my husband said she did watch ET this weekend.

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No I do not speak for my other Half

My husbands opinions are not mine. After almost 18 years with my husband, I find that people think that we speak in one voice and think the same. Hello… we do not. I can’t control what he does or says. Also he does stuff that I do not agree with. We have different religious beliefs […]

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Getting Gorgeous with Degree in NYC

Getting Gorgeous with Degree This Past week I was fortunate to attend the Getting Gorgeous with Degree in NYC.  The hosts were super smart business women Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney.  These ladies put on an amazing day for about 300 women. I drove to new york with Chrissy,  Once we arrived the line was […]

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