May 2011

Parenting Lessons from MommyBites Summit 2011


While the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy was on, I was attending the Mommybites Summit in NYC for parents and expectant parents.  It was a lovely evening of learning, meeting new friends, and adult time. I attended with my sister.   We got to hear some amazing speakers,  and learn about some great new products.   […]

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Prom Drama : Help create the story behind the picture

corsage in the gutter

Tommy exited his house and headed for his 1995 ford escort…

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Harold and the Purple Crayon the Play

adventures of Harold pruple crayon

The actors pull in the kids attention using their bodies and simple props. They also have a bit of magic in the play which my daughter loved.

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Guinea Pig Death

smooth coat guinea pig

The Guinea pig passed away this past weekend…  a moment of silence for the pig Graham the Guinea pig adopted at 3 died at 5  RIP  5/6/11 We lost Grahams  “life pig”   Smore this passed in November.  Smore,  he actually actually more dramatic in death  looking all nasty legs sticking out, mouth open and […]

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Easy Sausage Frittata

Sausage Onion Frittata

The kids loved Sausage Frittata, my husband liked it better than my Quiche because he does not like crust. My son at 2 helpings then ate the rest for breakfast in the morning. It was super easy in one pan.

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A Day at Sesame Place

cookie monster

So this past week my daughter and I  went to Sesame Place with a friend CecilyK it was a fun day.  Cecily daughter and mine had a wonderful afternoon. We walked with and I got to know fellow Philadelphia Dresden.  We got to see all the big stars at Sesame Place in Langhorn. We are […]

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Working at Home Hermit

little house in grass

Most of my friends have gone back to work, kids are in school, and everybody is busy including myself. So I don’t make time for lunches,

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