Guinea Pig Death

by superexhausted on May 11, 2011

The Guinea pig passed away this past weekend…  a moment of silence for the pig

smooth coat guinea pig

Graham the Guinea pig adopted at 3 died at 5  RIP  5/6/11

We lost Grahams  “life pig”   Smore this passed in November.  Smore,  he actually actually more dramatic in death  looking all nasty legs sticking out, mouth open and stuff.    Graham pass away quickly and in is little house,  it looked like when he was sleeping ..

The next morning at 5:30 am, I made the decision not to tell the kids till after we got home from my sons swim meet.  No need to get the kid up set.  We we got home I told them.. no real tears.

My son said casual “that is sad .. but he was old for a pig.”

*(note we have lost 1 cat 2 dogs 1 pig) in the last 3 years.. so death is becoming part of life in regards to our animals

So today,  I head over to the SPCA (animal shelter) to donate large guinea Pig cage.  I load it in the truck.  I walk in the shelter and ask  if they take old cages.  They say yes… this is where I lapsed in judgment. I turned and walked into the cat/small animal room.  NOT A Wise Choice.

I am now the proud owner of…

guinea pig wired hair

Moose a 1 year old  wired hair guinea pig

guinea pig long hair

Frankie a 6 year old long haired guinea pig  (yes,  I did say 6 years old- he will be dead in a year)

The thing is my husband was holding Frankie.  He calls me and tells me the pig has a huge boil on his back, major infection and it stinks. See the hair covered it when I got him and the shelter has a policy of not holding the animals prior to adoption .  My husband now calls me the Maiden of Death to Animals.

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