June 2011

My Simple Prayer

folded hands

I try to be a good Mom I know I fall short I try to be a good wife I know  I fall short I try to be good in my faith I know I fall short Please give me Strength Please give me Strength Amen

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Signs Of Drowning and Swim Safety 101

water safety

So summer is upon us.  Swim Safety First with Pools, Lakes, Ponds, and Beach.  My summer includes many hours at the pool.  Swim Safety We all know there are people who leave there kids alone at the local pool. I ask that we all help the lifeguards out by keeping your eyes open.   It takes […]

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How to get a Boys to Read

reading for boys

How to get a Boys to Read : Summer Reading Boys will avoid it…or will they? How to get your boy reading on a regularly over the summer.  My son reads and loves to read, but it was not always that way. He struggled until he was heading for the 3rd grade.   I will say […]

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English Bull Dog,fingers, and his favorite toy

doy toy for bull dogs

But this is the 1st toy after a long line of toys that has Stood up to the Grundy Distructo Dog Toy Test .

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Want One?

red ice pop

want one.. red or yellow?

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Effective Voice Mails

You are not going to talk me in to do something in a voice mail, wait for my call to ask give it the personal touch.

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Strasburg Rail Road Video and Review

Strasburg RailRoad

When you hear the whistles, head for the tracks … because the trains arrival is glorious. Strasburg Train RR pulls in and you are transformed back in time when a people travel in style.

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