July 2011

A Walk to the Beach

walking sand dunes

Walking to the beach over the dunes.  So I have loved the look of kids walking. Lately mainly because I am bringing up the rear. I also love play with effects lately.

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The Walk

kids walking

  I am just playing with my camera and effects, when I captured this moment.  My son was holding her hand for most of the shots they where walking about 20 ft in front of us.  I love watching my son this summer, he takes such care with his sister making sure she is safe. […]

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The Amish Village: a glimpse in a diffrent world


  I went to Lancaster County Pa, I was fortunate to learn alot about the Amish. The place where I learned it was the Amish village, when I first arrive I was not sure what to think,  but after listening I learns  many things  I never knew about the Amish. Which is the point of […]

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Choo Choo Barn Fun for the whole family


  During our Trip to Lancaster we got to Visit the Choo Choo Barn. Located near other trains in Lancaster county is a fun stop to see model trains. My children love seeing all the light and train special effects.  They have 22 model trains in the layout. It takes you back to the day […]

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Double Tree Resort Lancaster- U can Win a Stay too


  So recently we went on a trip to Lancaster we stayed at the Double Tree Resort Lancaster by Hilton.   When you enter the hotel you are greeted by a friendly staff with cookies.  After a long day in Lancaster and  the Double Tree was a welcome place to rest out tired feet. This hotel […]

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Sleep? When I’m dead

bear bed

So instead he would simply Yell from his bed “SNUGGLE” (image a blood cursing screen) every night.. so I can honestly say for the first 3 years of his life I never slept.

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