September 2011

Waiting-Wordless Wednesday

they sat while we played..

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We are not Traditional Moms

So she learned how tie her own sketchers shoes.  One more step to her not needing me for the little thing. Don’t get me wrong I am happy but it is bitter sweet.  She is my baby.  I look back I missed a lot even though I was here for most of it. When my […]

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Hula Hoop Word Wednesday

I love this photo my daughter can do something I have never been able to do.. Hula Hoop.  you go girl. What can your kids do that you never could?

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Rainbow Art Quilts

color quilt

It has been a while since I sewn for myself or a friend.  Sometimes I forget how much I love to create and play with fabric.  Lately, I have loved photography so much I forget my true love fabric.   I have spend many years sewing creating  for others, prior to that I headed up […]

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Brussel Sprouts Your kids will love

Growing up I never ate them,  I think it was we never has brussel sprouts available to us.   The older I get the more I love the little alien shaped veg as my kids call them brains.  My kids ask me to  cook make my brussel sprout  if they see my buy them. They fight […]

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Blond Or Brunette : Bounce it off Millions

So as you know I have been struggling with my Grey hair. Lately I feel like I need a change,  so I decide to put my hair color up to a vote.  I am going to ask millions what color hair should I go with Brunette or Blond?  I am going to Bounce the idea […]

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Rembering 911 Where we you?

Where were you ?  That is the questions we will always ask on this day 911.  For me I was arriving in at work for a quick stop then heading to the Miami Beach convention center for a textile show. I walked in and Pinito said “a plane crashed in the building the twin tower”.   […]

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Moneyball staring Brad Pitt Movie Review

This week I went to see a screening of MoneyBall starting Brad Pitt.  I wanted this to be the movie where I understood the hype behind Brad Pitt.  Why everyone goes gaga over him.  It was not.  I don’t think Pitt is a bad actor,  I think he is a great actor but he is […]

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The day before school Wordless Wed

Back to school girl

This picture was her idea (my little photo stylist) after she sharpened all her 24 pencils then did her brothers.. she is so happy to start the 1st grade and get back to school.  Taken the day before school I still need to learn how to use the depth of field on my Nikon 3100

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New School New Grade


Back to school time is a happy day.  This year I really am going to miss them when they head back. The kids are finally easy I know it would last for long because I am 2-3 years away from teenage drama. My son age 10 still has this innocent and honesty that I love.  […]

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