October 2011

Alpha Buyer The Power of Group Buying


So this past week my friend invited me to lunch to learn about Alpha Buyer.  Lately, I have been juggling alot with the family, sports, my business, and blogging.   I have been feeling the superexhausted by the amount of thinking I have to do for other people.   I am in charge of all the bill […]

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Unity Day Anti Bullying

anti bullying

So today is Unity Dance Day to stop bullying.  Childhood bullying is a really issue in our schools.  Last year we had a incident with a child on  my sons sports team.  The mom refused to admit that her son bullied my son till,  her son admitted hitting my son with a wet towel and […]

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Pumpkins Wordless Wednesday

No I did not carve these they are from Highlands Mansion Pumkin Carving event this week. They always do a theme of dead celebrites mixed with living. can you identify them? Happy Halloween!  

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How to Fix Fitted sheets to stay in place DIY


How to fix fitted sheet to stay in place Problem Fitted sheets do not stay put  So I have a high mattress 17 inches+ with the foam pad 19″ .  I tried the fitted sheet stay put things but they don’t stay.  You know that deep pocketed fitted sheets cost a fortune and we  seem […]

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Duran Duran A night with my 1st man

So at the age of 13, my girlfriends and I sat in the cafeteria we talked about our dreams.  I wanted to marry Simon, my best friend Jodi  want to marry Nick,  for Judy and Karen it was John.  No there were not boys in our middle school.  They were the members of Duran Duran.. […]

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Painted Face Princess Wordless Wednesday


Picture by me at Connection Academy Event but Face painting done by VieVette of Stacys Face Painting

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BabyPop Mug Sunday Mug


So I was pour a cup of Joe this morning. Out off all coffee mug in my cabinet I choose this mug today.  This mug is my babypop mug the colors the dots it is my businesses brand in a mug.  I love it.  I got it at the Baltimore Mansion in Ashville NC 2 […]

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Singers Wordless Wednesday Post

So on Sunday night I went to a Mexican restaurant and they had a strolling mariachi band.  I loved the fun spirit of the singer. They were fun and happy to watch as my daughter danced to to the music.

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My Trilogy : The supportive men in my life


Last night I went to hear authors Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman talk about their book Mom Incorporated. During part of the talk,  we they discussing the issue of men’s support and being a female entrepreneur .   Specifically raising a family, juggle “hustle” as (Danielle put it) and still trying to follow your own dreams. […]

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English Bull Dog Wordless Wednesday

This is Grundy he is my 2 1/2 year old English bull dog.  These are his feed me, pet me, love me eyes.  I took the picture as he sat next to the dinner table.

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