How to Fix Fitted sheets to stay in place DIY

by superexhausted on October 25, 2011

pulling a fitt sheet on to a bed

How to fix fitted sheet to stay in place Problem Fitted sheets do not stay put  So I have a high mattress 17 inches+ with the foam pad 19″ .  I tried the fitted sheet stay put things but they don’t stay.  You know that deep pocketed fitted sheets cost a fortune and we  seem to go through fitted sheets quickly.  I make sure my fitted sheets stay in place on my high bed. I try jersey fitted sheets which have more give then woven sheets.  This diy fix for fitted sheets  would work on woven sheets as well.    I sew elastic to the corners to keep they sheets in place.. here is how to do it.

How to fix fitted sheet to stay in place

What you need Fix your Fitted Sheets:

  • 1-  fitted sheet
  • 1 1/2 to 2 yards of 3/4 to 1″ elastic (if you can find prepackaged or buy it buy the yard
  1. Cut the elastic in 12″ -14″ pieces sewing elastic on to fitted sheet conners
  2. At each corner of the fitted sheet where there is the seam sew the elastic across .sewing elastic on to fitted sheet conners
  3. Be sure to go backwards and forward many times one stitch will not hold over time and might rip your fitted sheet I do a zig zag pattern so as spread the force over about and inch area- to reduce the stain on the fitted sheet. sewing elastic on to fitted sheet conners
  4. Attach one side then the other repeat till all 4 corners of the fitted sheet have elastic. elastic on fitted sheet conners
  5. Put the fitted sheet on bed and make the elastic go under the corner. elastic on to fitted sheet conners pulling over matress
  6. Now your fitted sheets will stay put even on a high mattress.

Have a good nights sleep

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