My Trilogy : The supportive men in my life

by superexhausted on October 7, 2011

Last night I went to hear authors Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman talk about their book Mom Incorporated. During part of the talk,  we they discussing the issue of men’s support and being a female entrepreneur .   Specifically raising a family, juggle “hustle” as (Danielle put it) and still trying to follow your own dreams.

What this made me realize is how fortunate I am, to have 3 men in my life that believe and emotional support me no matter what. How unusually it is for me to have unconditional support of men.  My husband, my father, and my brother.

  • My husband – Jeff  has always “gotten” what I have done. From my past life, when I traveled when my son was 6 months to now  with my late nights.  Jeff has always been supportive and understanding of my need to work.  I don’t know if he gets it because he is in a similar creative space or the fact that he loves my independence.  I like to think it is both.  He is always there support me and us through our dreams.   Never questioned my drive or think why can you be this or that, Jeff nurturing and calming my fears. He is amazing.
  • My father I have  a kinship with him. My Dad has always gotten me as well. I don’t know if it was the fact we both traveled or both have an entrepreneurial spirit. I defiantly did not fall far from the tree.  It might be that my Dad has always told me “Sherry you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to and I know I never have to worry about you” He always knew I would.  He has support my decision to go into fashion design and I saw a joy in him when I looked at colleges. I never question my decision in a long shot career,  he knew I would do well in fashion, even when it was unfamiliar to him. I love that.
  • My brother He is the most recent addition to my supportive male list. When we were kids I was the bratty sister. In recent years we have come to a wonderful relationship. He once told me I think that “you can figure out anything Sher.” “You amaze me how you learn and know this stuff.  There is no doubt you will get all your dreams. “  I know at any point I can run to him, talk and her hears me.  My brother is a wonderful single father.   I am proud of him, his daughter will grow up know that she loved supported, and confidant.    My niece has a dad that is supportive hopefully she will only seek our people who are supportive of her.. Continuing the cycle.

So as my family has grown my son has become supportive of me as well so excited when something happens.  Sharing what his mommy does and modeling his Dads behavior. That is not a lesson I could have taught him it something he has experienced.  I am so happy to know that someday he will give unconditional support to the people in his life.

Like everyone I do question and fall prey to self doubt. When you wonder if what you are doing is right?  following your dreams.

Last night Danielle Smith said it best “You have to do what is right for your family and only you know that answer for your family,” so don’t listen to non supportive others.

I love Danielle’s statement with so many women question there careers and goals.

Aliza Sherman said “Remember to put on your Air Mask 1st” .. is that true when you believe in yourself you can help others.

One may ask Why do we even need a males support?  I am sure there is some reason saying we really don’t’ but the truth is a women/girl are so much stronger when she has support.  My wish for you is I hope you have people around you that support your vision.

You are amazing and beautiful!

It is amazing what can be accomplished when a women is supported empowered by her own creatively and dreams.

Thanks, Jeff, Dad, and Peter

Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman are currently on a book tour of their Mom Incorporated. If you have a chance to meet them and hear them talk they are inspiring.

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Danielle Smith October 7, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Sherry – I can’t even tell you how delighted I am to hear how much beautiful support you have in your life…. and I’m so thrilled Aliza and I were able to put the exclamation mark on that for you. We are having so much fun on tour – and a HUGE portion of that is having the chance to sit with friends like you and really see how you are making it work – with love and support. Thank you for visiting with us and supporting us. We are so grateful.


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