November 2011

Painting Rocks Gift Kids will love to give

Painted rocks make an excellent gift for kids during the up and coming holiday season.  Great  to give to a relative or special someone.  We painted some rocks we picked up on our vacation this summer to give to my inlaws for there anniversary. It was very special because the kids painted the themes of […]

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Furry Christmas

So this past Friday, My family and I were invited to attend the opening day of the Sesame Places Very Furry Christmas.  We had a blast.  I took my daughter age 6,  my son age 10 and his friend.  This was the start of a new tradition Sesame place at Christmas. Sesame place was decorated […]

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Ugly Dog Sweaters

Dog Sweater for a Doberman

Dog Sweaters are a great gift for your pooch this holiday season. Because Baby it is cold outside I found LLyod our 10 week old  Doberman sweater in the $2.50 rack when you walk in to Target.   They actually call them “Ugly Dog Sweater.” He will out grow it by Christmas so why not […]

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Gift Exchange Idea

So I have a Christmas party at my house every year for my husbands family. & years ago when we started we would try to think onf theme. One year is was entertainment.  The problem was we would have an issue with not every one like the same thing. So we  a few years back […]

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New Dog: Doberman

In case you have not heard I got a new Friend Loyd  a 9 month old  Red Doberman. Where as I love Grundy our bull dog. I miss having a doberman after the loss of my precious Hershey 2 years ago, I still miss him all the time he was my boy if you read […]

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LeapPad Review


So we recently had our Learn share, create Leapfrog party. We had 5 adults and 11 kids attend ranging from 3- to 11. One 3 year old and one 11 year old. We received the leappad and leapfrog tag to introduce the product to my friends and learn about the product. I have to say […]

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Halloween in over Wordless Wednesday

My daughter went as a Butterfly Barbie,  My son was Link from Legends of Zelda She looks so grown up…but she still wanted to be Barbie All night every asked him if he was an elf or peter son talked to every person and started a conversation talking to all the home owners.  For […]

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