February 2012

Freschetta Pizza Win Pizza for a Year!

The first time I really learned about the amazing Quality of Freschetta Pizza was at a conference last year.  There was a sampling night, were we got to taste many different types of Freschetta frozen pizza.  I think someone had to tell me that it was frozen Freschetta it tasted like pizza came out of […]

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Philadelphia Flower Show & Photo Tips


Grab your cameras the Philadelphia Flower Show is coming March 4-11th!  Philadelphia is host to the largest  international Flower Show,  this years Theme is “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha”.    This year is not to disappoint with a whole new layout making it easier to experience the Hawaii. Here are some photo tips to enjoy and take […]

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Fitness Friday 3rd week of Febuary {linky}

So this week has been hard,  like every week.  does it every get easy? I guess not.  I love me in all my glory,  but there are days I wish I could wear those boots. You know the ones the ones the healthy (thin) girls wear. You know who you are, oh how I covet […]

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Whitney Houston Word Wednesday {linky}

Watching Whitney Houston videos from her funeral, Kevin Costner’s Eulogy was lovely and human. I am so saddened by her loss. Saturday afternoon February 12th, I turned on the radio in the car Whitney Houston song was on. I was thinking, there is someone that I hope rises for the ashes to returns again, because […]

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How to Make Bread in a Bag

kid bread

How to Make Bread in a Bag:  Every year for the last 4 years, I make bread for the church on fat Tuesday it is for the Ash Wednesdays meager meal with soup and bread.  Then on Ash Wednesday I go in and make the same bread with about 10 kids int he after school […]

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Toy Fair NYC 2012 Top Picks

So this past week,  I went to the 2012 Toy Fair in NYC,  what a fun day . It was a great trip, I got to do a brief run through of some great toys.   Here are some of the cool item I saw over the course of the day: In the morning I attending […]

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Fitness Friday 3rd week in feb #fitnessfriday


Fitness Friday  my movement active goal towards living a healthier life.    So this week was hard to keep active,  I was traveling to NYC and it snowed an rained.  So I did not get out and get my movement on  as much as I would like to be active. Eating Healthier:  Did how ever make […]

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My Beautiful Boy Wordfull Wednesday with Linky

Dear My Son, It has been almost 11 years since you entered my world my beautiful boy.  Oh how you have changed my being with your questions, and pondering that will make the world a better place. You have the talent to see people for who they really are and who they can be, that […]

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Making Sushi with Kids Tasty Tuesday

This past week my son asked to make Sushi.  It has been about 10 years but I took out my Sushi supply’s and bought the sushi rice  business.  Make sushi at home is a fun family activity and my kids love to cook.  It took about 2 hours to make this meal, so it is […]

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Red Gold a Company with Heart

This past week I went to Indianapolis to visit Red Gold Tomato’s Factory.  The trip was sponsored by Red Gold Tomatoes and 6 other blogger attend with me. The Red Gold is a company that cares about tomatoes and its family of employees, which is great to see in today’s world. Red Gold was a […]

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