Red Gold a Company with Heart

by superexhausted on February 11, 2012

This past week I went to Indianapolis to visit Red Gold Tomato’s Factory.  The trip was sponsored by Red Gold Tomatoes and 6 other blogger attend with me. The Red Gold is a company that cares about tomatoes and its family of employees, which is great to see in today’s world.

Red Gold was a class act for the moment we arrived.  The Red Gold personnel had a limo to take us from the airport to the hotel and entire weekend.  Check out the ride:

Next stop, local  Indiana restaurant Bongers for dinner,  the food was fantastic.  I really enjoyed the house specialty tomato soup.  The chef only uses Red Gold tomatoes, and refuses to share the recipe for his divine soup. Bongers even had a mural painted Red Gold Tomato logo on the wall of there building  for cool folk art feeling.

On Saturday we headed to the Red Gold Factory. We received plan tour and learn about the processing of the Red Gold tomato products.

Red Gold is a 4th generation Family own, Made in the USA business.  The Reichart family who is headed up by Brian and Selita Reichart, both are hands on with factory and its employees.  During the plant tour we saw of some of the best state of the art equipment I have ever seen.   You can tell during the tour, the employees and management work together as a team.  In fact Selita told me no major decisions are made unless the decision is made by a group of employee and management working  in collaboration.   Wow! such a nice thing to hear when so many American workers are unhappy. Good to know Red Gold is supporting the American worker and improving the market.

Another thing that I learned about Red Gold (Red Pack brand  for east coast) was about the physical tomatoes.  Red Gold has a very special tomatoes and the goal of every tomatoes is to be a Fresh Pack whole peeled Tomatoes.  Meaning, it must come out of the can perfect no bumps bruises and completely in tack. Whole tomatoes are the top tier of canned tomatoes. The growing season is only 65-70 days.  The time to plant is determine by the harvest time so the tomatoes are ripe and ready to process into canned tomatoes.  Not one of the Red Gold local farms are 100 miles from the processing plant,  the reason is to insure a fresh picked tomatoes.   Also the Red Gold Tomatoes are different . The specific hybrid tomatoes is firm and more dense then others canned tomatoes .  The reason is the tomatoes are heated, cooked and peel.  Which is a lot of stress so the tomatoes and needs to be firm when it is ripe.

Want to know what Red Gold Tomatoes are better check out my post on the Red Gold Tomato taste test I did.

Disclosure I did receive the trip and tasting via Red Gold tomatoes but the opinions in this post are of my own.

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