March 2012

Fitness Friday, Conference, and Wine {with Linky}


Last week’s Fitness Friday I was very serious.  This week… well not so much.. So this week I am in sunny Ft. Lauderdale for SheStreams. I am loving the support I am getting from the other bloggers and business owners. I would like to say I have been great but i also have not been […]

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Trying to get away with kids

So this week I am heading to SheStream in Ft. Lauderdale  thanks to ATT my sponsor.  Needless to say it is no easy feet for a mom and a business owner trying to get out the door.  I had to make sure all my orders were sew and shipped prior to me leaving. I also […]

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Horse WordlessWednesdays with Linky


In honor of my daughters new obsession

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Sesame Chicken Legs #TastyTuesday


My kids love chicken legs.  They are great because no cutting of meat is necessary.  So I am always thinking of new ways to serve my family chicken legs.  I recent learned that the local Philadelphia Target near me is now carrying fresh Gold’nPlump chicken which is  all natural, wholesome, delicious chicken.   Gold’nPlump also offers […]

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Repainting Swing Set


Repainting a swing set.  I have repainted the swing set once since we got it. It takes me about 3-4 hours to do the entire project repainting our swing set. A perfect time to repaint the swing set / playset  was when the kids were at school. Our swing set is about 11 years old, […]

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Palette Kids Art Class for Kids

This past weekend my children got to experience Palette Kids art class in Philadelphia it is a art studio for kids. The art classes are given by Perry Milou a Philadelphia artist.  The art class was lovely.  Perry taught the kids about figures, and how to draw them.  He had several assistants to assist the […]

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Day of Pampering with Therapon

This past Saturday I got to have a treat a day of pampering. Therapon Facial and boy did my face need it. Christina Stumbaugh from Therapon Skin Care System gave the facials. It was such a great experience I have facial it has been many years about 12 since I had a facial. The Therapon […]

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Undies and Diabetes #fitnessfriday

So I want to know do you wear underwear while running?  This past week on tues I wore workout compression shorts that were a tad too small… to run the problem was I wore nylon underwear.  Every stride I took on my run the shorts slip down butt (or as I like to say – […]

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Magnolia #WordlessWednesday

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How to make Pickled Cauliflower Salad

cauliflower salad

How to make a Pickled Cauliflower Salad :  that you can make an eat an minutes.  It also stores well so you can have Pickled cauliflower as a great healthy side to any meal.  This Salad is spicy, vinegary and crunch making you want more pickled cauliflower.  Bonus you can add any vegetables to the […]

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