Fitness Friday Proper Sneaker {Linkyup}

by superexhausted on March 16, 2012

So this week, has been a week of commitment on my fitness journey.  I Signed up for a dietbet with Brandi at,  nothing like a little money to keep things out of your mouth.  The Bet official starts tomorrow with our 1st weigh in. I am excited  I need more accountability for food.

Then I signed up for the running training program with Fleet Feet Sports North Wales.  I recently was introduced to fleet feet by Joey Fortman and Ann Marie one of the owners this past Wednesday.  I will be working with them for training and they are out fitting me with proper sneaker/attire.  I was impress by the sneaker fitting I received and I learned things I did not know, because I have been doing to the big box stores. Here are some tips Ann Marie at Fleet Feet provided:

Proper Sneaker Fitting:

  • Have feet measured without socks (what you measured at 12 years old is probably not your current measurement.)
  • Have your foot measured in resting(sitting positions) and standing.
  • The Running store personnel should understand how you walk- (IE have you walk so they can see how your ball and heel hit and roll off the floor.  Then they can recommend a shoe that is designed for your foots needs.
  • Where design/color is nice a running/walking shoe should be about fit and support 1st,  so that you get proper performance.
  • In an athletic shoes it is better to go up a 1/2 size and have room (So mine sneakers are a 11 1/2 argh but it is about being the right shoe and not the size)
  • What does a good fitting sneaker feel like: “Heal should be supported, arch should be wrapped like a glove and your toes should be able to play a piano” Per AnnMarie
  • Fleet Feet Sports North Whales is nice because they allow you to actually run in the shoes outside, to insure comfort and fit.
  • If you are serious about a sport you should be serious about the shoes.
  • Also a good running store will take back the product at any point if you are not satisfied. That is the philosophy AnnMarie and her team have.

Ann Marie’s other Key advice : If you buy a good sneaker be sure to have a great sports bra just as important (but that is a separate post)

Thanks to Stephaine at for her foot

The training program I begin in a few weeks I am really excited,  of course I will continue to walk.

So how did I do this week?

Fitness Week:

  • Monday: Walk and run
  • Tues : Walked and Run
  • Wed: Walk and Run
  • Thursday/ Friday:  I have been fighting a cold so I actually stayed in bed,  I am trying to get out later today.  We will see.

Weight Loss:

  • Started 271 Jan
  • Last week 265  This week 264 -1

I am excited for next week if I can kick this cold I would feel better.

So how is your week going?

Disclosure: I was provided running gear from Fleet Feet North Wales, but all opinions in this post are of my own.


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