April 2012

My two worlds comming together! Support & Mamavation


SUPPORT What does that  mean for me ?  The past week  I have learned that I am getting support from all sorts of different places.  As you might know I am a finalist for the Mamavation Mom Campaign.  Voting has been going on the past week. If you want vote go here.  My family and […]

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My company BabyPop Featured on Martha Stewart


My company BabyPop superhero capes are being featured on Martha Stewarts in a Etsy fashion show.   The show is airing tomorrow Thurs April 26, 2012 at 10am, 2 am and Friday  on the Hallmark channel.

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Now I need your help! VOTE for ME!!!

Dear Readers!! , All I made the finals for  #Mamavation Mom ! It is a mom fitness blog,  that is dedicated to help moms change the direction of there families to make better healthier choices.  A #mamavation Mom is someone who publicly is chosen to go through a weight/fitness bootcamp for 7 weeks.  They set […]

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Mamavation Monday- Changing a Family

This past week has been interesting. I have been eating way better and have increased my running. But I also gained some help not only from the mamavation team….  My son age 11 has committed himself to me.  He is a competitive swimmer,  something that I have always encouraged because with health issues that run […]

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Cracks in my Pavement #FitnessFriday


So I think more why am I not losing, cracks =doubt….  The truth is like to eat (hello I am over weight for a reason).  When I was diagnosed 3years ago as a diabetic I weighted 297 pounds that is right 3lb away from 300lb.  Over the last 3 years I have lost 30 lb.  […]

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A Great Dress for a Plus Size Girl! Land End Review


Lands’ End Plus Size collection is a great. I was asked to review a piece as  part of Lands End  Show Us Your Style.   As a tall plus size women I often have a hard time finding clothes that fit me and look nice with out being a tent dress. My fit problem is that […]

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A Simple Childhood Test that Saves Lives- Guest Blogger


SimonFund?  Sudden cardiac arrest?  A simple Test that can save my kids life.. A friend told me about Darren, Phyllis, and their son Simon Sudman. I was moved by the Sudmans lives.  She asked if I would mind writing a blog post about the importance of Simon’s story.  I said of course, Then I asked […]

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Fitness Friday Mamavation

This week is a little different.  I noticed my family is really with my program.  Last week we went to an Easter egg hunt in the same park as the dog park.  Of course I took the dog- Lloyd need to be socialized.   After the egg hunt my son said Mom let go to the […]

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Dr Meg Meeker, Vicks and the Flu


So I got to go to a lunch with Vicks and author / Dr. Meg Meeker.  It was a great learning experience, I wish she was my kids pediatrician .  Currently for the last 4 years my kids have not gotten sick but they will it is only a matter of time.  My kids were […]

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Ripped the head off a bunny


Yes I did it ripped the head off a bunny… bad mommy .. lets say PMS And a Pretty picture Happy Easter week

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