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by superexhausted on April 12, 2012

This week is a little different.  I noticed my family is really with my program.  Last week we went to an Easter egg hunt in the same park as the dog park.  Of course I took the dog- Lloyd need to be socialized.   After the egg hunt my son said Mom let go to the dog park.

I said “ok lets go get the car.”

He said “no mom you are trying to be healthy lets walk.”  So he made we walk down and back up the hills to the dog park.

Then tonight I said you want to go for a run her said yea sure.  I can also see changes he is aware of his choices.  My son is a competitive swimmer but season we are taking a spring off.  He said “Mom I am not eating as much because I am not swimming.  I just noticed I am not as hungry”.  I am impressed we do not discuss weight or fat in our house we talk about healthy choices.

He is my own personal trainer.

This week I joined the Fleet Feet North Whales Running Program.  It went well I showed up 3 minute late and missed the start I ran ¼ of a mile to catch up only for the group I thought I was chasing take off running.. Just when I thought they were switching to walking they ran faster.  So know I know not to be late this Saturday.

So this week I am applying to be a Mamavation mom. If I am chosen I will work with the Mamavation team in a 6 week boot camp.  Which will include nutrition  help, fitness help and just basically a good old fashion fitness kick in the pants.  I really admired Leah Segedie aka @Bookieboo  and the community of support she gives to women to help them create a healthier life.

Here is the video why I want to be a Mamavation mom.

How can you help me?  Please tweet this for me:

Hey @bookieboo! I want @Babypop  to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

Then If I am chosen as finalist please vote for me.

Thanks for your continued support.


  • Monday- walked
  • Tues- walk /run 1 mile
  • Wed- walked/run around the block
  • Thurs- walked/run around the block

Weight : 265

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