May 2012

The River #wordlessWednesday with linky


We spent the day at park and visited the stream.

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Lemon Chicken Noodle Soup #TastyTues


So you have your basic homemade  Chicken Noodle Soup, but how about mixing it up for the summer,  make a light summer version.  Lemon Thyme chicken noodle.  not your average chicken noodle a cut above the rest,  also the lemon adds a little extra vitamin C.  Plus make it that left over chicken from the […]

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Turning 41 and Numbers don’t Lie #FitnessFriday


So this week I turned 41. Yea I love my 40’s. I think being 40 is about celebrating you..Glitter and Sparkles.. being your true self the diamond you were meant to be.   You are smarter, wiser and experience more than in your  20’s. The thing is mind which is at the height of confidence and […]

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Perfect day #wordlesswed

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2 Awesome Healthy Dips

black bean and lime

With Memorial day coming here are 2 Crowd pleasing healthy dips; Black Bean and Hummus.   Why buy these dips when they are so easy to make and low calorie.  Serve with vegies or thin rice chips, they are healthy and a special dip treat.  Since I have been watching what I eat I have been […]

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Inkoo’s Review


Inkoo’s so recently I reviewed the Inkoos Blingoos. I love this as a gift for my daughter it allows the child to create a one of a kind stuffed friend.  Then wash the inkoo and start all over again.  My daughter loved playing with the inkoos.  She added different colors then added sparkles.  She loved […]

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Balance and Sweet Spot #fitnessFriday Linky

fitness and diet

This weeks diet fitness healthy life style journey I feel like things are finally going in the right direction.  I am losing and finding the right workout food  balance.   I would like to say it was my brilliance but it is the fact I am wearing a pedometer and logging my food back to basics.  […]

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Cardio Training: Not Just For Weight Loss : Guest Post

Almost everyone knows that performing cardio training a few times per week can result in weight loss, but not everyone knows of the many additional benefits to be gained from this type of exercise. Cardio training not only helps people shed excess pounds, it also helps tone muscle, reduce stress, and offer relief from a […]

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Sleep #wordlesswednesday

sleeping bulldog

There were sound effects.. but lets not go there.

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Healthy Flat bread pizza

healthy pizza

Quick and low in calories  flat bread pizza great for my diet when I am craving the Cheesy pizza.  I found Flat-out bread at Target it was on sale this week.  Normally 3.69 for 6 breads, it was on sale for $1.99.  So I decided to give it a try.  I was not disappointed very […]

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