Cucumber cups and Weekly Menu Plan

by superexhausted on February 18, 2013

cucumber cups Cucumber cups make for a great healthy way to contain you little dips and snack.   It is very easy to make and gives you a big bang with little effort.  Prefect for entertaining,  each guest can have there own dip.  They are so great to hold dips and salsa or  to hold your lunch.  You need a pairing knife melon baller and peeler. cucumber cups

  1. Cut 1 1/2-2″ slice of Cucumber (I got 5 cups out of one cucumber)
  2. Score the top of the slice 1/8″ down
  3. Using a carrot peeler peel from the bottom up to the score line. leaving the lip of the cucumber skin.
  4. Then Ball out the center of the cucumber leaving the sides and bottom intack.

Here are some Dip ideas:

  • Homemade Guacamole
  • cottage cheese with grapes
  • tuna with cheese,
  • chicken salad
  • hummus
  • blue cheese,mayo, pepper and hot sauce
  • salsa
  • ranch dressing

My husband will be out of the house during the day this week which means I have to do easier meals since I will not have a second set of hands.  So this week Menu plan is as follows:

  • Monday: Baked Chicken with slow cooker mash potatoes and veg
  • Tuesday : Using Sunday night left over pulled pork, in tortilla wraps
  • Wednesdays: Fish with asparagus  and rice
  • Thursday:  Chicken pasty
  • Friday:  Meat Loaf Muffins left over mash potatoes

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What are you planning for this week?

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