Chef Marcus Samuelsson Cooking Tips

by superexhausted on June 28, 2015

Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Chef Marcus Samuelsson cooking tips:  This past Thursday I when to a Macy’s Culinary Council Table talk I was able to hear Chef Marcus Samuelsson speak.  He was really charming and fun.  It was a great free event for the public. The chefs food was super yummy and the presentations of the dishes was spot were beautiful  all the actualy dishes were made out of bamboo, so cool.

During the event Chef Marcus Samuelsson provided some great cooking tips

10 Great Cooking tips from Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Chef Marcus Samuelsson cooking tips

  1. To get the best fresh fish always ask fish monger for Sushi Grade fish
  2. Always ask for fish with bone in.  When you take the bones out add to water and make your own stock in about 2 hours of simmering
  3. With stock you make add some miso, then add veggies, tofu, or noddle for a simple meal
  4. When you make any meal you can think about left overs for your next meal
  5. Left over rice: rinse rice toss in Rice Flour or corn starch then pan fry with oil or butter for crispy fried rice add veggies and protein
  6. Want a more vegan diet try pecans w/ sour cherry’s fry them up great meal
  7. Spices and seasoning  keep in darkroom or dark space
  8. Try grinding your own Chili peppers,  flavored Salt,  pepper, or Curry
  9. Try a store bought mole for a easy meal with big flavor great on chicken
  10. Cooks tool must have wok, cast iron pan, Dutch oven, non stick pan
  11. Cast Iron pans do not put in dishwasher,  the older the pan the better season with oil and air dry

He also spoke about a creating a spiritual relationship with your food. That the best food invokes emotion or a memory.  He mentioned if you grew up the 80’s it might be tacos.. I had to laugh because that reminded me of my childhood.  Taco night is the best.

I really thought the event was fun and we learned many new ideas.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson  really inspired my meal plan this week:


Menu Planning

Monday: Fried Rice with shrimp

Tuesday: Roasted Chicken with Potato salad

Wednesday: Fresh vegetable pasta

Thursday: Homemade Pizza with sliced tomatoes, arugula from garden

Friday: Stuffed Cabbage

Saturday : 4th of July : I am bring Fresh  1/2 sour Pickles and Starbucks  Lemon Cake


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Chef Marcus Samuelsson

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