Meal Planning with Teens

by superexhausted on March 13, 2016

Meal Planning on Budget with Teenagers Daylight savings time always messes me up.  I never know what time it is.  I never really understood the purpose of daylight saving ..because of Farmers and longer time in the field but it is unnecessary.  This morning I think my Iphone changed but the clock I have which changes automatically is pre 2008 so my clock turns automatically  a few weeks prior to the current week of March 13th so I seriously was so confused this morning.

I finally figured it out feeling like a confused child.

This week is a fun week the schools Talent show. I have my moms group and my sons volunteer.   It is also St Patrick’s Favorite so My favorite Holiday Meat!  Corned Beef!!

Meal Planning with Teens

Monday : Pork Chops, Rice and Black Beans

Tuesday: Roasted Chicken Mac n Cheese

Wednesday London Broil, egg noodles, cauiflour

Thursday: St Patrick day Corned Beef, Potatoes and Cabbage

Friday Taco Night, Re-fried Beans, Yellow Rice

Saturday: Pasta Night red sauce with sausage

Linking Up with  Motivation Monday and Menu Plan Monday

Meal Planning on Budget with Teenagers




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