Menu Planning Monday

by superexhausted on June 27, 2016


This past week I realized old habits come back easy.  After several years of lean budgets which became a strong family bond of at home meals. Since I went back, my old going out to eat habit is back,  So I need to get back to meal planing.  when I come home with no meal plan it is easy to say lets go out.  Which adds up to $$$ and a tough hit to our wallet.  So I meal planed for this entire week.  My key is for me to be excited about the yummy goodness of what I am making.  Then I also like finding get deals on the ingredients, so I scoured the supermarket fliers to complied the shopping list. So I spent $58 on the meals below plus snacks.   I am excited to be back planning.

With the heat I am also using my crock pot to avoid the heat in the kitchen and dinner is done when I get home.

Meal Planing Monday

Monday Crock pot Pierogies and Kielbasa from

Tuesday Crock pot Crispy Pork Carnitas Tacos from

Wednesday Crock pot Wild Rice soup from

Thursday: Hot Digs and Tator Tots

Friday : Homemade pizza Trader Joes Crust

Saturday Family day

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