Menu Planning with Teens

by superexhausted on July 17, 2016

Meal Planning on Budget with Teenagers

Meal Planning with teens : This week has been a long week I have been going back and forth to NYC because of family health concern.  So meal planning has become important. Since I have been back at work my son has been making dinner on some nights. He has been great asking how he can help.

Monday : Chicken Pot Pie cupcakes

Tuesday  Shrimp Enchiladas with Creamy Poblano Sauce from little spice jar

Wednesday : Tornadoes Hot Dog  from TasteMade on Instagram

Thursday: Burger and fries one pot From Betty Crocker

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Having my son help with dinner is amazing, not only is he learning to follow recipes and instruction but he is learning a skill.  So he wont only eat junk food his life he will learn cooking is fun.  I know he will make about 2 of these meals, anything helps.    I sent my husband the shopping list for the week since I am out of town he can shop for the ingredients.

I am linking up Organizing Junkie and Motivation Monday

What are you cooking with your kids or how do they help with dinner?

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Have a great Week!



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