3D Coin Art and Giveaway

by superexhausted on September 22, 2016

Disclosure: I was asked to review this puzzle as compensation and sponsored review

coin art

Getting the kids to put down the tech.  Try a 3d coin puzzle filled with money.  What teen would not love it.  That It’s a puzzle! It’s a bank!   It’s a model that you build with spare change! Introducing 3D Coin Art™ by New York City-based NSI International Inc. – an innovative way to create amazing 3D works of art out of coins.

3d coin puzzle

We took it out of box,  all the parts are well labeled and easy  to use.  The Hardest part was taking apart the cover which holds the coins in the puzzle.  The coins are encased in plastic. Creating the 3d puzzle takes time to line up the coins.  Which is great when you are entertaining  busy kids. I also think if you washed the penny of coins it would really sparkle.

Also the kids have to make decisions tails or heads up my son was getting really creative by alternation the dimes.

3d coin puzzle

New York City-based NSI International Inc.  Has a variety of different Coin Art they offer also a empire state building.   Which makes great gifts for everyone,  if you know someone who likes to show there American Pride – like a veteran or solder 3d coin United States flag puzzle would be a great present. because who does not love coins and money.



So how would you like to win one?  Be sure to enter on the rafflecopter form below.  for your chance for your family to enjoy.

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