Menu Planning and Life

by superexhausted on November 6, 2016


This week is a busy week.  I have a lot going on at work and in my life.  I have a bazaar at work, I am headed at the end of the week to a wedding in Dallas leaving my husband to do the running with the kids.  Plus my daughter is preforming in a play on Sunday.   I need to meal plan which I have not been doing any regularity lately causing me to be very disorganized.

My meal planing this week is all about easy because of how much I have to get done.  Easy for my self and my husband is super important.  also Tuesday night I have to make a pot of my  Split pea soup for the Bazaar.

I really also want to tell you about what else I have been up to.  I am still sewing and making superhero capes.   Check out BABYPOP (for your custom capes starting at $17 for custom letter, color, and logo they make great Christmas gifts.

babypop super hero capes starting at $17

I even make capes for the family pets !

super dog cape

My mask are $4.50 each at my store Babypop

super hero mask

I have been reading more because the political environment makes me shut of the TV.   I just finished Orphan Train and now I am reading Boys on the Boat.  Both books are amazing.  What are you reading .. any suggestion for my next book.

Meal Planing this week:

Sunday : Baked Fish and potatoes asparagus

Monday: Beef and noodles

Tuesday:Pork chops

Wednesday: Chili

Thursday: Perogies and kielbasa

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Burgers and Tator Tots


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