Bertucci’s Anniversary Menu

by superexhausted on January 8, 2017

Bertucci’s Anniversary Menu

Bertucci’s Anniversary Menu: In the last month I was asked to join Bertucci’s for the 35th Anniversary Menu celebration at a local Bertuccci restaurant.  It was a magical night of food and learning about the brand from the original and still current head Chef Rosario.    We started out with the Antipasto,  which was just made this olive and cheese loving girl, my heart sung for the Perorino Romano Cheese very lovely salty and aged.  My husband kept saying “Did you try the cheese!”



Bertucci’s Anniversary Menu: What to eat

Then all the Bertucci guests moved into the new stromboli which is coming soon to menu.  Then my favorite the Pizza and  the Nolio pizza is back!! I seriously was very happy,  if you have not had Nolio pizza it is a must try.  The Nolio Pizza is a Parma style prosciutto ans sweet caramelized onions lightly season cream, with Pecorino and mozzarella cheese. For me it is all about the caramelized onions so sweet and butter my mouth is water just thing about it.   The Nolio left the menu for sometime.  I learned that if a favorite menu items of your leaves the Bertucci’s menu you can always ask the Bertucci chef to make it for you according to Chef Rosario.

Bertucci nola pizza

The restaurant originally founded in Somerville, MA, has become an east coast staple for hand-crafted artisanal pizza and Italian fare…and yes, those rolls have left an imprint in all our minds (and stomachs).

It was an additionally fun evening because Chef Rosario was sitting next to me, he was serving me the perfect bite of food and feeding me all night. He also called me “Bella”,  in an Italian accent which could not hurt the charming feeling of the entire evening.  I almost forgot my husband was next to me-OOPS.  I would like to say I had pictures of Chef Rosario feeding me, but I was blushing too much to show,  so you will have to check out my table-mate above being fed (see above).  She was a sport posing for me.



I also found some of my new unexpected favorites at Bertucci ‘s is the Butternut Squash Ravioli.  I was expected the Lobster Ravioli to steel my heart but no the Butternut Squash won out for me.   I am not sure it was the asiago-sage sauce or the roasted brick butternut  but it was so rich and decadent it was a perfect pillow pasta bite amazing.

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Bertucci’s 35th Anniversary Menu

Lobster Ravioli

Bertucci’s 35th Anniversary Menu lobster

My husband and I we able to experience many dishes with our fellow dinners,  like Chicken Ana Maria chicken with sage mushrooms artichokes and the coming soon Possimamente: Grilled Chicken Marengo on Arugla Salad which is a wonderful option for those non eating carb humans.   We finished the evening with a Cannoli-  I would love to say I had a picture of the cannoli but it did not make it long enough.. it was scrumptious.

The Bertucci’s we visited was a newly renovated one in Plymouth Meeting Pa complete with an outside Patio,  which will make it a great destination during warmer months, and a new dinning venue to try the Bertucci’s 35th Anniversary Menu .

Bertucci’s 35th Anniversary Menu

I have to say because of everything I was able  to experience at the 35th Anniversary Menu Experience,  I could not wait to revisit Bertucci’s again. Over the holiday break  my daughter and I went back we ordered some of my favorites on our Girls Day Out.  Tip also if you go during lunch they give you a free salad,  and those amazing soft yummy rolls.

If you have not been back in a while to Bertucci’s it is time to go,  order some of your old favorites and try some of Chef Rosario’s new ones.

Disclosure:  My husband and I were hosted by Bertucci’s in exchange for this post. My tastes buds are honest and true to how much I enjoyed the food at  Bertucci’s 35th Anniversary Menu.


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