Meal Planning Monday Inexpensive meals ideas

by superexhausted on April 2, 2017


Meal Planning Monday: inexpensive meals ideas.  I have been away for a long time and my meal planning has suffered.  It has been a trying time and I feel with the start of spring I can get back to what I enjoy.  I need to make myself happy and I know I will be a better mom and wife for it.  I am trying to get back to things I enjoy, blogging being part of my happiness.   My little space in the world.

I had a great loss this winter.. actually the lost has been since last July resulting in my fathers passing this past February.   I miss him and I will address it at another time.  With him being so sick for so long my life was in an emotional limbo and truly super exhausting.

My 1st step back to sharing with my readers is my meal planning.

Meal Planning for a family of 4 ideas what to feed a family that are inexpensive yet homemade:

Sunday: Loaded potato skins

Monday: Shepard’s Pie

Tuesday: Baked chicken, asparagus, rice

Wednesday: Chili

Thursday: Special Meal for my mom

Friday: Pasta with sausage (Kids cooking)

This week I spent $101 on groceries and $20 at the produce store.

I am hopping you have a wonderful week and may life bring you joy.





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