Meal Planning with teens Aug 2017

by superexhausted on August 21, 2017

Meal Planning on Budget with Teenagers

The summer is great .. my kids are done with camps.  My son was unable to find a job.. which is no go and bad because he is my housekeeper this summer.  Mom that is me shelled out $300+ for said teenager to become a life guard and get his license. He .. that is my son never got said leife gaurd gig.. hello life guarding is the easiest job.

Now he has to pay me back.. the lovely teen age boy is doing all the laundry, dished, house cleaning, and  painting to pay me back. If he does nt he looses hos internet.  He also helps with cooking along with his sister.

This past week they made my beef and gravy.. it was yummy

This weeks menu is one made for them;

Monday : Kielbasa and Perogies

Tuesday: Tomato sandwiches

Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meat sauce

Thursday: Beef brisket and corn

Friday: Lobster Boil (on sale at Shop-rite $5.77 lb)

Saturday: Homemade calzones


What are you making this week/

Be sure to stop back for more ideas.






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