Camelback Resort Aquatopia a great weekend for you and your Teens Review

by superexhausted on October 8, 2017


This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit Camelback resort and lodge in the Pennsylvania Poconos featuring Aquatopia.  Camelback was nice enough to host us and sponsor us for the Fasllfest weekend.  We took my son age 16, nephew 16,  my daughter age 12  and with my niece 13 to this great family experience so everyone was happy.

We started the weekend by checking into the lovely resort we ended up with a great room on the fifth floor overlooking the ski slopes during the winter you can actually ski right into the lodge from the slopes which is sound super fantastic to me. Check out this video of what our room look like which was a king bunkhouse room.

As soon as we checked into the room  in the kids immediately wanted to go down to Aquatopia. Which is Camelback resorts indoor waterpark featuring a glass roof!  Which is great because you get the sunshine even when you’re indoors and the temp is perfect 365 days a year. Since we checked in the evening we went to the hot tub first my husband and I went in the indoor/outdoor hot tub. The kids join us for a little bit but they were busy exploring all the fantastic things that are in Aquatopia.  The area features many rides both tube rides and large two rides I can be done together as a family. They also have a Lost River that you can either ride in a tube or you can swim through.  The Lost River features a lot of waterfalls and lights to really enhance the experience of being on the river.  My nephew really enjoyed the Flow Rider which is the first attraction you see when you walk in to Aquatopia. He wrote it for hours he’s been on it a few times but he is doing some tricks check them out right here and at this video.

The great thing about staying is the Camelback resort is your wristband gives you full access to the resort if you choose.  Your wristband is your room key can can also be your wallet so no need to carry anything but a towel and a smile.   We found this was a great option for the teens gave them a sense of freedom.

Here is an video showing a tour of Camelbacks Resorts Aquatopia so you have a full review and layout for the entire family:

In honor of the Fall Fest, we also checked out Kartrites’s Curse a haunted house on Monster Mountain. It was The kids first experience in a haunted house.  I wanted to make sure wasn’t crazy violence but a great time had by all. The kids loved it they thought it was just scary enough and suspenseful enough to really get the juices going.  To be honest we had to push a few through the whole haunted house.

Check out this video of their thoughts pf Camelback’s Resorts  Kartrites Curse Haunted House :

Monster Mountain a also had some really great other Halloween themed events for the weekend that will be going on now through November like the Monster coaster which is in Alpine coaster ride down at night sounded really really fantastic.

They also had “Lights out” zip lining that sound like fun where you could ride the zip lines that were lighted for the night time. My kids are not the greatest with Heights so we decided not to do that but I think if you had a thrill seeker they want to take spirit something different I definitely think the Halloween themes at Camelback resort are perfect for a unique Halloween experience.

The food at Camelback resort was wonderful they have a great buffet which is about $16 for adults little less for kids that’s in the morning for breakfast I can highly recommend it. Wondering what they had check out my video on the food at Camelback.

Wanted to know what else they had when you need a break from the water a Camelback Arcadia which was an out of the water experience for the entire family. Arcadia featured rock climbing, Llser tag, laser room, mini-golf, hi hi ropes challenge course and also an arcade. At Acadia  you could buy different passes depending on what type of experience you wanted so we had a Discovery pass which was about $29 that included all day rock climbing, unlimited mini golf, unlimited high ropes course, unlimited laser room, and one trip to the laser tag. Plus a five dollar credit for the arcade.

Check out the different experiences at Arcadia below in the videos.

Fall Fest : They also had a lot of other weekend activities that would be great for your younger children such as pumpkin painting, doughnut decorating, apple chucking, balloon animals, and many more activities.


I have to say this weekend was a truly spectacular weekend for my entire family not only is Camelback Resort and lodge perfect for the younger kids but it is amazing for the older kids.   Which if you go to these types of waters parks sometime they tend to only focus on the little kids. The Camelback Resort designers created an experience for the entire family.  My teens loved every minutes and there was something to do for everyone.  We found one day would not  have been enough time.  We spend 2 nights which was great to get the full experience,  if we were skiing/snowboarding we would want a week.  My kids, niece, and nephew had a wonderful weekend.    Everybody fell sleep as soon as we left which is the sign of a good weekend.  Be sure to check out Camelback Resort and Aquatopia as your next fall family getaway.

Camelback Lodge Aquatopia

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