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Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese and Menu Planning 11-16-15

Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese

My heart breaks for Paris and Beirut.  When think of Paris I am reminded of a city that is kind and patient to foreigners which has been my experience.  I hope and wish love, peace, for safety for all in Paris and Beirut. Kindness and understand can change the world This weekend was fun, I […]

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My Thanksgiving Hero Nurse Deb #sponsored


A few weeks ago I wrote about LaBrea campaign for ThanksgivingHeros. I wanted to share about my Thanksgiving Hero with you Nurse Deb. 10 years ago, when I was in the hospital for over a month I met Nurse Deb .  I was put in the hospital aka “pregnancy jail” after my doctors determined that […]

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Thanksgiving Hero with La Brea Bread #ThanksgivingHero

la brea bread logo

Thanksgiving Hero with La Brea Bread :  This time of the year we are all looking forward to the holidays.  Thanksgiving is a spectacular meal that hours of planning and preparation go into.  In my family it is my fathers meal to cook he takes such pride in ensuring the entire family is fed.  Where […]

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Menu planning with teenagers and Royal Icing

candy corn sugar cookies

Menu planning with teenagers This past week was busy. With Halloween and parties we have been crazy. I am looking forward to a week of less sweets.  This past week i have done a cooked or baked for everywhere I was going.  I made toffee bark, and cheese ball which I am blogging about sharing […]

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Meal Planning with Teens


This weekend has been a busy few days Halloween isn’t even here and I am exhausted.  I had a an Octoberfest at a friends hour I brought Bacon 3 ways to go with the beer,  all sweet.  I made Candied Bacon, Chocolate bacon, and toffee bacon.   I would love to say I have pictures but […]

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Meal Planning on Budget with Teenagers

Meal Planning on Budget with Teenagers

Meal Planning on Budget with Teenagers : Having a teen can be over whelming on your budget.  Adult size clothing and a growing appetite.  I find meal planning is the only way that I will make it through the next 8 years as my kids make it through their teenage years.  My son is a […]

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Guinness Nitro IPA Review

Guinness Nitro IPA

Guinness Nitro IPA :  About 20 years ago,  when I was in college my roommates and I turned 21.  Every Thursday night we would head into the city and go to our favorite Irish pub Murphs. You know the place because you had the same Irish pub in our neighborhood. I might have been called […]

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Little Secret Review: Natural Peanut Butter Candy Cookies


Natural Peanut Butter Candy Cookies : I love candy,  so do my kids.  I am often concerned that my kids are putting too much artificial in their body’s.  When Little Secrets offer me the opportunity to send me their new line of  premium, natural candy-coated chocolate with no artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or corn syrup […]

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Tips for Budget Menu Planning with Teenagers

Tips for Menu Planning with Teenagers on a Budget

Tips for Budget Menu Planning with Teenagers:   I cook every night and since the change in our life several years ago (my husband lost his job),   I had to do budget friendly  dinners.  Now that he has a job, life is still a little tight because my business has slowed down.  My family still […]

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How to Budget Meal Planning with Teens

7 Meals = $69 meal planning Family 4 with Teenagers

Budget Meal Planning with Teens: Times are tight for all of us.  Meal Planning is one of the best ways to save money.  I have been meal planning for years, I found that many people who shared their meal plans online had a different family than I did.  I have Teens and Preteens –  lets […]

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