Easy Easter Treats: Chocolate Birds Nest

chocolate birds nest

Easy Easter Treats:  Birds Nest I decided to make these treat for the kids for Easter.  These are a chow main treat done loose and deconstructed.  I choose to do them more deconstructed.  Traditionally there chow main noodles are tossed in melted butterscotch chips.  I like chocolate so I make a loose nest.  My daughter […]

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Harry Potter Theme Birthday Party Back drop with PDF


Harry Potter Theme Birthday Party Backdrop : My daughters birthday this year was a Potter Theme Party.  So the party I made a Platform  9 3/4 as a back drop.   The kids loved it.  I kept the kids on one side of the house for the beginning of the party. They were only allowed to […]

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Harry Potter Theme: Craft

harry potter picture frame

Harry Potter Theme : Craft Ideas for a Harry Potter Party.  This  year we had a Harry Potter Theme Party for my daughter birthday.   She is obsessed with the World of Harry Potter,  so having was perfect craft for her 9th birthday.  We did alot the day of the party so to occupy the 11 […]

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Cheap Solution for a Muddy Backyard

muddy backyard

Cheap Solution for a Muddy Backyard:  My dogs track in mud from  my backyard every spring.  During the winter the dogs barely step off the patio in the cold to do their business.  So my grass well is no more by the end of the winter.  So once the thaw happens, my back yard turns […]

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10 Birthday Surprise ideas for Kids

boy and balloons

Unique kids birthday surprise ideas: 10 Great Ways to surprise your child on their birthday and creating a birthday tradition.  Every year since my son has been in school on his birthday I have shown up at school with balloons one for each of year.  This year since he is in 7th grade I did  […]

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Harry Potter Printable Cards for Valentines

Harry Potter Printable Cards and Favor Bags

Harry Potter Printable Cards for Valentines : My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter.  The books the movies.  She even dresses in a grey skirt, tie and white shirt for school, and she does not wear a uniform. I Know right.  So this year I decided to have my artist husband make […]

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Bug Birthday Party Idea: How to make Bug Soap

bug soap

Bug Birthday Party Idea : How to make Prehistoric Bug Soap.  I made this bug soap for my sons Bug birthday party a few years ago.    We had the party at a bug museum and rather then just giving all the kids plastic bugs I decided bugs in case in “Amber” would be fun and […]

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10 Easy American Girl Crafts

doll with a blanket

My daughter loves to make Easy American Girl crafts.  We have come up with some of our own crafts but also have located some great crafts to make with your kids.   I have used some of these crafts at my daughters American Girl party and also for her to make on her own. One of […]

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American Girl Birthday Party Ideas

american girl doll party

American Girl Party Ideas:  For my daughters 8th birthday I threw her an American Girl Birthday Party.  Here are some of the ideas we used for the perfect tea party . First off we did not call it an “American Girl Party”  because not every girl had an American Girl doll.   So we called […]

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How to make Sharpie Tie Dye: zacchaeus crafts

sharpie tie dyed

Crafts: Sharpie Tie Dye is a great craft to do with kids it is a low mess way of doing a tied dye.  You make the tie dyed patterns  using sharpies and alcohol.   We made these shirts while teaching  the  bible story of Zacchaeus.  The children ages ranged from 4-17 made the Sharpie tie dye […]

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