Fitness Fridays

NutriBullet Review and Ice Pop Recipe

strawberry ice pops

I was so excited when I received the NutriBullet to review.The idea of a smoothies as a meal has always been a good idea but a lot of work with a traditional blender.  I have been using the Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System for a few weeks.  I really love how smoothly the […]

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Weight Loss 52 weeks Later


Weight loss.. Yea back to the grind.  No, it is not the New Year that gets me back on track.  It is the end of my businesses busy season that pulls me off healthy track:  because I have to ship and play Santa, because I go in survival mode.  Many people would say you have […]

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Beverage with a holiday kick!

fruit in a glass

So I was at a my best friends wedding. I noticed that her dad looked fantastic,  I asked Frank what he was doing.  He sat me down and told me all about his NutriBullet.  He was making a cold gazpacho soup. He drank it every day.  Frank is a diabetic like me,  so I was […]

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Fashion Motivation #FitnessFriday


So this past week I was busy to say the least. As you know I did Blogher in NYC. Food well there was not a ton but Hillary and I manged to get one good meal a day.  Not a smart more for me because I am a type 2 diabetic.  But I survived.  I […]

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Fitness Friday- Random

little girl swimming

So this week has been tough.  I have been eating better and I am happy about that.  Stress is a factor.  I find that when I should be moving when I am stresses I sit and contemplate what I am stresses about. Preface to this post.. this is written at 2 am when I could […]

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Killer Hill and Fitness Friday


This past week I went camping and I actually got up and walk 4 miles at 6:00 in the morning.  Then it was so hot I stood around in a jog bra and compression shorts for 2 hours.  In front of all my friends at church who were camping with me.  You know what I […]

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Fitness Friday


The last few weeks I have not done a Fitness Friday post.  The reason I was on vacation.  So the accountability I normally get from the blog was not there.  I was down the shore with my In-laws.  They are major sweet eaters. There was actually $180 worth of candy purchased for the trip. It […]

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Diet Down Falls So I ate it all #fitnessfriday

This past week I was away went to a conference.  I thing it was great for me to grow but bad for my waist line. I did not blog last wee which just made things worse.  And down comes the spiral.  I ate a lot of carbs and sugar this week 2 things that will […]

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Turning 41 and Numbers don’t Lie #FitnessFriday


So this week I turned 41. Yea I love my 40’s. I think being 40 is about celebrating you..Glitter and Sparkles.. being your true self the diamond you were meant to be.   You are smarter, wiser and experience more than in your  20’s. The thing is mind which is at the height of confidence and […]

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Balance and Sweet Spot #fitnessFriday Linky

fitness and diet

This weeks diet fitness healthy life style journey I feel like things are finally going in the right direction.  I am losing and finding the right workout food  balance.   I would like to say it was my brilliance but it is the fact I am wearing a pedometer and logging my food back to basics.  […]

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