Camelback Resort Aquatopia a great weekend for you and your Teens Review

Camelback Lodge Aquatopia

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit Camelback resort and lodge in the Pennsylvania Poconos featuring Aquatopia.  Camelback was nice enough to host us and sponsor us for the Fasllfest weekend.  We took my son age 16, nephew 16,  my daughter age 12  and with my niece 13 to this great family experience so […]

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The Car Kids and Moms Love !! Chrysler Pacifikids

Chrysler Pacifikids

This blog post was sponsored by FCA US, LLC but the opinions are completely  my own based on my experience. We take road trip a lot of road trip so what we drive is important. I love a exploring a new car and my kids are a huge part of my process.  I was recently […]

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13 Great Ideas to Getting kids eating Veggies #SeetheLite

13 Great Ideas to get kids to eat Their Veggies #seethelite

13 Great Ideas to get your kids eating veggies #See the Lite with LiteHouse Dressings:   Recently I was invited to dinner with Litehouse Foods to learn about the befits of using a fresh Litehouse dressing in your menu plan.   The dinner was held at ELA in Philly, It is hosted by a local dietitian […]

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Neutrogena Sunscreen MimicMommy and Win Giveaway

neutrogena sunscreen skin cancer protection,mimicmommy choosehealthyskin

Neutrogena Sunscreen MimicMommy and Win Giveaway:  Skincare and protecting your skin is so important.  My family is my top priority like many moms. Teaching my children to care for themselves is an important because you cant replace it, your skin is no exception.  In our family we burn easily and studies have shown one or […]

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How to teach responsibility : That can grow with your child


How to teach responsibility ?:  I have been thinking alot about one of the prompts I was given to write about for my last Pley post “How do you teach young kids about responsibility?”  My oldest is 15 yep,  just turned it last month.  I have to say everyday, I am more and more in […]

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16 Ways To Teach Kids to be Grateful

kids playing with toys from Pley

16 Ways To Teach Kids to be Grateful:  With 2 kids and a limited budget.  I feel teaching expectation and gratitude  has always been very important learning toys are not a requirements when we go to the store or anywhere.  When my son was younger, I remember being in a large store (the one with […]

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Don’t be Angry Mom

pley logo

Toys Toys Toys they are everywhere in my home. My daughters is 10 1/2  and her room is a field of toys and books.  When you walk across you take the health of your feet into jeopardy.  Her closet which leads to our storage space, I only get to every few months because of her […]

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Verizon Gizmo Gadget Review and Video Review

Gizmo gadget watch phone by Verizon review of the features. Safety and how to use it. Also a video review done by kid and parent.

Verizon Gizmo Gadget Review : I was recently at a Verizon event. During event they provided me a Gizmo Gadget for review.  This week it has been fun getting to know how to use the Gizmo Gadget Watch Phone. The Gizmo is geared for kids who are not ready for a smart phone but still […]

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How to make a 3 headed dog


How to make a 3 headed dog Cerberus for a school project.  Step by step how to make a 3 d sculpture for a school project great for those Harry Potter book report projects or Latin class. My son had to a  7 grade Latin Project he decided to make a Greek mythological creature of […]

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Finding Time for Happiness

girl reading

Finding Time for Happiness:  Everyday I am crazy busy (notice the name of my blog? )  and don’t have enough hours to accomplish all that I would like to do.   I would love a minute to read those stack of books I have sitting in the coner of my bedroom, or finish the quilt […]

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