Philadelphia Flower Show for the Kids

Philadelphia flower show for kids

Philadelphia Flower Show for the Kids: This year I was able to go to the press preview of the Philadelphia Flower Shower.  It was fantastic the theme this year is Movies,  it is perfect for family.  This year show is collaboration between Philadelphia Horticulture Society and Disney.  The displays were based on Disney owned movies,  […]

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How to Save at Target :16 Ways

save at target

How to save at Target : 16 Target Saving tips here are some great ways to save at Target or Target Extreme coupons.  For me Target is always $100 trip because they have everything I need for my home from bed sheets to food, from school supplies to shoes.  I never know what I am […]

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Into the Wood Movie Review Is it good for Kids?

into the woods movie review

Into the Wood Movie Review :  We were invited to a screening of Into The Woods.  I took my daughter and her best fiend both are 9 years old.  The movie is based on the Musical Into the Woods.   The movie is a 2+ hours and it is a musical,  it is geared more […]

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Old Spice HolliSpray Toy Drive #SmellcometoManhood

old spice disclosure

Old Spice Hollispray Exchange Toy Drive  So the last 2 weeks have been very busy with shopping and working and the Old spice Toy Drive I wrote about a few weeks ago.  If you missed the post the purpose was to exchange the unwanted, gentle used , clean toys for a can of old spice.  […]

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Toy Drive #SmellcometoManhood

old spice

 So this year I am working with OLD Spice as a #HoliSpray Ambassador  collecting toys for Second Chance Toys.   According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, nearly 14 million children in the U.S. – 22 percent of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level. This is such […]

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A letter to my 13 year old


A letter to my 13 year old,   (The one with the big feet, who sleeps alot, and eats all the food) Really Kid,  I did the Eighth Grade once and yes middle school was one of the worst times in my life (most people would agree with me on that one)  ..  It does […]

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Creepy and Gross Kids

gross kids

So with Halloween is coming and my kids are just some time really creepy. We think of the The songs like Ring around the rose-  which is about kids putting flower in there pockets so they done smell the death.  Or Rock a Bye Baby.. the song that tells the tale of a baby falling.  […]

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One Night without kids- Looking back 5 years later

So few days from now my husband and I are going to this same event 5 years later .. one night without kids.. I want to re-share that night: Reposted from My Old Blog : BabyPopDesigns  written July 15, 2009- 12:00 (noon)the misson get rid of children…. drive to Wilkes Barre ½ way point between […]

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Great Free Place for kids in Philly : Fairmont Park Waterworks

free place to visit in philly with kid water works

Great Free Place for kids in Philly : Fairmont Park Waterworks:  I have been living in Philadelphia for the past 11 years after returning after falling in love with Philadelphia during college. There is one special place in Philly that has always been in my heart the Philadelphia Fairmount Park Water Works, it is one […]

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Loss of a Loved one : Lesson learned


Loss of a Loved one : Lesson learned:  So 2 weeks ago we buried my aunt Connie now I grew up in NJ away from my dad’s family but I have to say I loved them all dealt the Loss of my aunt Connie struck me hard because I think of her words often and […]

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