Back to School Service Project #Bagitforward

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Do a Back to School Service Project with your kids #Bagitforward.  This is a great time of year to get your Kids involved in a service school project.  We did a the BagItForward project for Elmer’s Let’s Bond and Champion for Kids.  We got the neighborhood and our local swim team to help donate. We […]

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The Fault in Ours Stars Movie Review #FIOS

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The Fault in Ours Stars Movie Review:   So Tonight I had the privilege to drive 6- 15 year old girl to the opening night of Fault In Our Stars.  Which if you are not a teenage girl : is a love store, with a terminal twist.   The theater had 6 movie theater dedicated to […]

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My Boy In a Bubble

Yea Things you never said you would let you kids  do.  Like don’t put a plastic bag over your head.  Fast forward 10 years … let in  plastic bag.. and I video taped it So I had a bubble boy! See my son does walk on water .. sorta of ? As they get older […]

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Parenting teenage boys : Planting seeds of Parenting

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Parenting teenage boys and How to talk to your teenage boy?  All March my husband I would watch promos for the new Fox TV show Surviving Jack.  My husband would say I want to watch that show. The promos would feature Jack Dunlvey  the Dad putting his teenage son through the paces,  as punishment for […]

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The story I will tell my grandchildren someday: Clorox Moments #ickies sponsored

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox In the entire 13 years I have been a Mom there have been many Ickies  Clorox moments.   From my daughter removing her dirty diaper and hugging it saying she “loves” her diaper during the potty training.  Or my son so not wanting to […]

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Tips on getting childrens ears piercing

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Childrens ears piercing:  When I was 8 my mother took me to get my ears pierced.  I will never forget my sister and I went the Rockaway mall to Bejewled a store on the upper level.  They had white seats with chrome arms and orange and pink walls  it was 1979.  My sister and I […]

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10 Birthday Surprise ideas for Kids

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Unique kids birthday surprise ideas: 10 Great Ways to surprise your child on their birthday and creating a birthday tradition.  Every year since my son has been in school on his birthday I have shown up at school with balloons one for each of year.  This year since he is in 7th grade I did  […]

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12 Ways How to stay calm while doing homework with a PreTeen #MeltsBestFeelings sponsored

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How to stay calm while doing homework: I was recently selected to write a post about Glade® Wax Melts and how I use scents to relax, by #CollectiveBias and #MeltsBestFeelings.  My biggest issue with trying to relax lately has been keeping my family calm during homework time. If you have a child in middle school, […]

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Online Shopping Tips

online shopping tips

Online Shopping Tips : Every holiday season I watch and and plan looking for the best on line deals.  Then excitement sets in Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday,  Latest and great lowest prices.  Just last night I got caught up in a purchase for 25% off and a free-ship.   Yea another site had the items […]

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Kid Place NJ Zoos : Space Farms

space farms front entrance

Kid Place in NJ : Space Farm is a great place for Kids in North New Jersey.  When I was a child, I use to go to Space Farms with my parents.  I loved it because you got to feed the animals.  Guess what you still can!  I took my kids this past week and […]

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