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Events at Barnes & Noble for Discovery Weekend #sponsored

Barnes and noble sponsored post disclosure

  This past week I attend a preview of Barnes and Noble Discovery Weekend in the Exton store to see what great thing are going on this weekend at stores through out the country. It is a great family weekend at the Barnes and noble.  Check at the fun activities they have planned by checking […]

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Free for Veterans on Veterans Day


Free for Veterans on Veterans Day : My Dad served I am glad to say her server to protect out country.  In our family it is important to honor those who served.  So tomorrow November 11th,  thank a Veteran just like many business are doing. Take one out and you can save . Here are […]

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Making fun Snacking with California Raisins Art

California Raisins art

It is that time of year again and we are getting ready to go back to school thinking about snacks and lunches.  What can you give the kids to make lunch fun?  California Raisins make a great back to school snack sweet and find to share.   So when the Clever girls asked me to […]

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Label Maker Review : Epson Label Maker lw-600

Epson LabelWorks LW-600P

  Label Maker Review : Epson Label Maker lw-600 review Recently I was ask the Review the Epson LW-600 Label maker.  What is so great about this printer is a it can use either your computer or an app on your phone to create the label.  So labels on the go.    Quickly and easy with […]

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Dark Hope by Monica McGurk Book Review

dark hope cover

I was recently asked to review Dark Hope   By Monica McGurk by CleverGirls.  The  Dark Hope: Book One of the Archangel Prophecies  is a teen genre book,  which i s right up my alley since I love simple love, and non violent books that have a fantasy aspect.  This book is a great read. The […]

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Celebrating Memories on Grandparents Day

Grandparents day

Grandparents Day is on September 7th:  When I was a little girl I remembering visiting my grandparents whom we call  Mama and Papa.   They are so near and dear to me.  We would travel 40 minutes to Maywood NJ to visit them in the house my mother grew up in.  The street that they lived […]

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Bathing your babies : #JOHNSONSBaby #PromiseToBaby

sponsored post disclosure

When my children were little one of my favorite things was the quite time after a bathing them.  Where I was the center of there happy little world.  My son who is now 13 and taller then me was always a joy.  I would look at this blond hair big blue eyed boy who resembled […]

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Freeman Spa Professional review #BarefootBliss

foot cream

Yea my feet need some help. They are in rough shape after a long cold winter and abuse this spring. Let say I have feet .. yea my mother does not love. But I love sandals. “THE BEAUTY OF NATURE–THE BENEFIT OF SCIENCE. Our products are made with botanical extracts to cleanse, soothe, refresh to […]

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How to Avoid the Funsukers #CutterRepellents

Girl using cutter bug repellent

I sit I watch lap after lap,  the water splash then calm.. then I hear a buzz.. I see it then the buzz stops.  I smack my forehead but I am too late the vicious vicious creature sucks my blood leaving a welt the size of a quarter.  The welt wakes me up at night  […]

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Bling Goggle review


My summer is all about being the pool with the kids.  I spend many many hours watching my kids swim.  I also send many hours looking for goggles.  My daughter is the queen of loosing goggles,  she also can swim with out them.  Being all about the girly she loves the sparkle.  So I was […]

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