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How to Avoid the Funsukers #CutterRepellents

Girl using cutter bug repellent

I sit I watch lap after lap,  the water splash then calm.. then I hear a buzz.. I see it then the buzz stops.  I smack my forehead but I am too late the vicious vicious creature sucks my blood leaving a welt the size of a quarter.  The welt wakes me up at night  […]

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Bling Goggle review


My summer is all about being the pool with the kids.  I spend many many hours watching my kids swim.  I also send many hours looking for goggles.  My daughter is the queen of loosing goggles,  she also can swim with out them.  Being all about the girly she loves the sparkle.  So I was […]

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Seeing Isn’t Believing:USDA Food Safety &Twitter Party


4th of July is almost here so let the barbeques rule.  Many people assume that if a hamburger is brown in the middle, it is done. However, looking at the color and texture of food is not enough— you have to use a food thermometer to be sure!  According to USDA research, 1 out of […]

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Field Station Dinosaurs Review, Secaucus NJ what to expect & #giveaway

field sation dino

Field Station Dinosaurs Review, Secaucus NJ Kid Review what to expect This past weekend we Travel to North New Jersey to enjoy the Field Station Dinosaurs.   Imagine steping back in time and seeing the dinosaurs as they one were large and roaming the earth.  We did experience  what it must have been like at Field […]

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Myths and Facts about Battery Energizer #NoLeaksGuaranteed

energizer bunny

In my house I have a battery monster.  He once was small and now he is tall.  This  monster was once obsessed with watches that flashed and cars that went beeb beeb.  But as the Monster has grown his tastes have changed now he loves orange and blue guns that shoot foam darts,  aim his […]

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The Fault in Ours Stars Movie Review #FIOS

movie picture

The Fault in Ours Stars Movie Review:   So Tonight I had the privilege to drive 6- 15 year old girl to the opening night of Fault In Our Stars.  Which if you are not a teenage girl : is a love store, with a terminal twist.   The theater had 6 movie theater dedicated to […]

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Life and Menu Planinng


So we have been having a fun start of summer.  I know that is it not really summer yet but I am loving the weather.  This weekend we went to the Field station dinosaur.  An thanks to a great deal on Amazon Deals my daughter took her 1st Horse Back Riding lesson.  It was 1/2 […]

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CHARM IT! Review and Giveaway

charmit! bracelet

CHARM IT! review:  When I was a little girl I always loved a charm bracelet.  I remember the girl across the street had her mothers which was a so pretty it had a little ballerina and locket. The charms would dangle and make a little jiggle gaggle.  When we were in class she would play […]

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Wizard of OZ in Philadelphia #BWYPHL

dorthy with girls

Wizard of OZ comes to #Philadelphia  Recently we caught up with the Philadelphia’s Broadway series. The wizard of is coming to Philly.  I have very fond memories of watching the wizard of Oz on TV as a little girl.  The ruby slippers and tin man.  As a 6th grade girl I sand Somewhere over the […]

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Potato Sausage Broccoli Soup & Menu Planning

Potato Sausage Broccoli soup

Potato Sausage Soup no milk.   I love making soup I make it all the time.  it is my go to meal if there is the slights but of rain or cold on the horizon pair it with some homemade bread,  check out my favorite recipes here.  I finds soups to stretch the budget when pay […]

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