Cheap Solution for a Muddy Backyard

muddy backyard

Cheap Solution for a Muddy Backyard:  My dogs track in mud from  my backyard every spring.  During the winter the dogs barely step off the patio in the cold to do their business.  So my grass well is no more by the end of the winter.  So once the thaw happens, my back yard turns […]

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Tips on getting childrens ears piercing

earing on a girl

Childrens ears piercing:  When I was 8 my mother took me to get my ears pierced.  I will never forget my sister and I went the Rockaway mall to Bejewled a store on the upper level.  They had white seats with chrome arms and orange and pink walls  it was 1979.  My sister and I […]

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Old Spice Son Blog Take over #SmellcometoManhood

boy with old spice spray

I took over my moms blog for this post.  This post is for Old Spice Refresh Manhood.  My mom has a hard time with me getting older. Old spice sent me a box of scents to try out.  I like the my friends .. tried some out and they like the other ones.  It is […]

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JJill Chino Review

chino jj jill dress on a women

JJill Chino  : As a JJill lifestyler Blogger I get to experience Jill new apparel first.  What is new this month it is the Chino Line.  I love this live-in chino shirtdress  they sent me the color is soft olive,  it also comes in stone.  The dress is so easy and great classic style which […]

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Sweet Potato Chicken Soup

sweet potato soup

Sweet Potato Chicken Soup : Sweet Potato Chicken Soup recipe that is Gluten free, red meat, night shade vegetable, and dairy free to help Psoriasis diet and Psoriatic arthritis. Also my weekly meal planning.  My husband diet has made me come with new recipes food that help is extreme  Psoriasis diet and Psoriatic arthritis by […]

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10 Birthday Surprise ideas for Kids

boy and balloons

Unique kids birthday surprise ideas: 10 Great Ways to surprise your child on their birthday and creating a birthday tradition.  Every year since my son has been in school on his birthday I have shown up at school with balloons one for each of year.  This year since he is in 7th grade I did  […]

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Roasted Cauliflower and Meal Planning

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower :  as my family eats healthier do to our change in diet.  For my husbands healthy I have been trying new ways to prepare many of our favorites foods with more flavor.  Since my Husband Jeff is Gluten, Dairy, Red meat, Night shade vegetable free.  I can’t use many of our standard seasoning […]

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The Hunger Games 2 DVD : Catching Fire DVD out today

katniss everdeen

Hunger Games 2: I love the Hunger Games I enjoyed reading all the books, the book are teenage genre but I don’t know an adult who did not love the story.   My son is currently starting the series.  My husband who normally is not a big reader really loved reading them with me.   When the […]

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Nutribullet Smoothie Recipe: Ginger Fig


Ginger Fig NutriBullet Smoothie Recipe:  We have been eating healthier, I have been experiment with new health and not traditional smoothies.  This is my latest nutribullet creation. Blueberries, pineapple, banana, fig and ginger.   The benefits of blueberries is antioxidants which fights aging.   Bananas help overcome depression due high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into […]

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Ninja Cooker Recipe Ham and Meal Planning

Ninja cooker

Ninja Cooker Recipe: Ham an easy recipe that fits my family’s dietary restrictions and a summary of how is it going with my family changing our diet. Our changed include making  family friendly Gluten, red meat, dairy, and night shade vegetable free.   Our Food Progress: I am doing better at making meals that please […]

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