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June 10, 2011

I am Sherry Aikens 41 year old,  married mother of 2.  Currently a Entrepreneur and Blogger. I spent many years in the Apparel industry make men’s team sports clothing.  I am from NJ, lived in Florida and ended up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  I currently run a superhero cape company called BabyPop. I am also know on twitter as Babypop.

I see my life in 4 parts.

1993 My husband met him at 23 right after Fashion Design college, right before I was to started my career as the one the ” Maven of the Apparel industry”.  Yea,  Jeff cause an amazing course correct.  I still went in to the apparel industry but decided the long commutes into the NYC were not for me,  I want a life with Jeff. So after a year of falling in love, with the one and only love of my life.  I started to work for a sporting apparel company doing NFL and NBA jerseys and jackets. I was a assistant designer.. the company I worked for  was bought then folded.   While unemployed and hanging out..  A company I work with, offered me  great job in Florida…so I moved to Miami 2 weeks later. My boyfriend Jeff (later husband followed).  We started a new life in FL away from everyone we knew.  We traveled and explored,  we became best friends.    Then 3 dogs, a cat,  and 1 amazing son later!  2003  We sold our house quit our jobs and moved north back towards our families. (crazy right.. you would not do that in this economy.

I had a former client hire me and we moved to Philadelphia,  I told them I am only with them till I have my next kid.  After about 18 months working,   I got pregnant,  had my darling  daughter and she was early..really early.  So no work for me, I was a stay at home mom.

It did not last for long,  being a stay at home.  I started to help pay for ice hockey lessons and the extras.  I am a little TypeA so Babypop was never going to be small.. So as my Daughter slept and my son was at school… I sewed and Sewed. I made superhero capes.

Then it happened,  My husband always had Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis most of his life.  But he got sick.. the kind of sick that is slow,  hard, and debilitating. My post  7 Good Days.

In reflection, I look at those months and ones in the future,  as a gift. It made me  realize that he and I can get through that, we can accomplish anything.

40 is all sparkles and glitter for me… I take each day as they come and hope I will not be superexhausted.

Love your Love ones everyday.


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Deanna May 11, 2012 at 7:10 am

I loved hearing your story and I hope that your hubby gets better.. Have you ever heard of Visalus?? It does amazing things and its great for you not a pharmaceutical drug. Would love to share more with you sometime.


Jody Cantrell Dyer November 21, 2013 at 12:22 pm

I love your attitude and look forward to learning from you! My boys wear capes, too!


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